You Still Don’t Know

About abhilash warrier

Abhilash Warrior is a light whistle blown by a mischievous kid, carried on by the wind. He is a river flowing, not sure where he will end up. Abhilash loves poetry. His first collection of free verses, titled Under a Quicksilver Moon, was published by Frog Books, Mumbai in October 2003.
He also loves to write arty, offbeat, abstract and metaphorical stories touching upon drama, conflict, romance, horror, thriller, poetry-in-motion, comedy, mystery. Besides writing, he loves reading, watching movies, and writing blogs. You can check his blogs at

Abhilash is an experienced Instructional Designer by profession. He also has working insight of diverse media, especially the Print and the Web.

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It was late evening. Twilight was bidding goodbye to the light.

They were sipping black tea. Few cookies were left on the plate. Cookie, their cat, was eyeing them.

They were talking about the first month of marriage that just flew by. How life had been a series of events and decisions that led them to themselves. About their past lessons and future hopes…

It started to drizzle a bit. The coconut palms were swaying in the breeze.

She shuffled into the kitchen and returned with a large bowl of pasta. She placed it beside him and proceeded to fill his plate. Her wet hair, scented body mingled with the delicate aroma of hot cheese, white sauce, and mushroom intoxicated him.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He inhaled again sharply. “It’s awesome! If there is any heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here!”
“Thank you. You are very kind,” She exclaimed. They laughed after tossing out all worries and cares in the wind that caressed her tresses.

She turned red and blushed, ““Hmmm! It took you a while.”

He answered while devouring pasta, “I am sorry.” He touched his heart and looked inside his inner chamber. “I wanted to know what is love. All over again. To freshly devour it just like this pasta!”

She looked straight into his puppy dog eyes, “You still don’t know?”

They ran into the dark night as fast as they could to get away from each other’s eyes. From one dream into another.


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