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About Varsha Prasad

Based out of Bangalore, Varsha is a shy writer, a lazy painter ,a seasoned home chef and a lover of almost everything.She is always mesmerized with the words, colors, shadows and light , their intermittent play , the hide and seek of emotions, the indoors and outdoors. An art teacher by profession, and an expressive art therapist in making, Varsha was raised with an intense appreciation of art, culture and imagination.

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There she was
part of a crowd
a forgetful thought
a whistle in the wind
a broken heart
an unbroken soul
a thoughtless stroke on the artist’s board
a whirlwind, a storm,a rugged squall
a dying candle in an empty hall
a trembling lip
an astrayed step
an indifferent shrug, an apparent sigh

there he was
one in a million
a peaceful dream
a dulcet score
a pool of moonburst
a pack of stardust
a beautiful firework on a still dark sky
a hushed cafe on a desert road
an enchanting forest, an alluring smile
an affable hug , a tempting kiss
an enticing ‘ yes’
a heartbreaking ‘no’
the road, worth walking a thousand miles
a moksha, worth living a hundred lives
and then they met
beneath the hill
her doubtful glare, his serene smile
her fluttering thought, his focused aim
these unbidden questions
those intended answers
a swollen tear, a handkerchief
a killer sun,a shade of leaves
a scared retreat, a brave attempt
they fell in love like none ever did


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