Wrong Number

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Analyst by Profession,Artist by heart, love dancing (Odishi),singing, craftwork,interest in painting though I don’t sketch or paint much but can understand the insight of artist mind, Traveller and an from Odisha ,but now staying in Florida,love reading stories and for me writing is the form of expressing your innermost thoughts.

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On a sunny day Maggie was going through her daily lab work after college. She was in the electrical lab when suddenly the phone rang out loud – this was the time of landline phones.

Maggie picked the call. ‘Hello’
A stranger talks from the other side. ‘Is Mr xx available?’
‘No this house does not belong to the person you asking for.’ Maggie said. ‘Maybe you dialled a wrong number.’
The stranger still insisted, ‘May I know to whom am speaking to?’
Maggie disconnected the phone.

After a couple of days, at the same time again, the phone rang. It was some kind of disturbing for Maggie as that was the time she usually wanted to relax after a hectic day in her engineering college. She went and picked the call as it was going on ringing. She heard the same voice, said Wrong Number and disconnected the call without wasting any more time and came back to her work.

The phone again rang again after a couple of days.

It was the same time when she got wrong number earlier. She was wondering if she really needed to take the call. But somehow she picked the phone. The very same voice, this time he said gently, ‘I know this is YOU, Maggie. I was trying to talk to you since many days.’
She asked, ‘May I know who are you?’
‘Yes you know me very well, if you try to just guess.’ The voice was playful.
Maggie was getting impatient. ‘Ok if you don’t say then I am disconnecting. Why should I guess!’
‘Hey no no, don’t disconnect please.’ The voice pleaded. ‘I wanted to talk to you.’
‘Who are you?’ Maggie asked again.
‘I am Shanky.’

She was just frozen for minutes as that was the name of her first crush in college.
‘Hey you there?’ he asked.

‘Oh yeah’, Maggie got her voice back. ‘How are you doing? How did you get my number?’ They got talking.

And from there everything changed in her life. She felt like her life was perfect, he was the one who was going to stand beside her, believe in her and everything was so perfect for next few months.

But one day in the final year, she was waiting for her career to start as that was the day she went for a campus interview. All went well but suddenly she saw Shanky over there as all students came for the same interview. He was quite trying to talk to her and through some friend, he let her know his number for her to call. Then Maggie was quite not sure what was happening around and so she started trying her way to talk to him.

Finally they both got a chance to talk. He was so excited to talk to her as if he didn’t talk to her for years.
Maggie was completely shocked then, wondering who was she was speaking to since the last few months.
All her good days and dreams had just shattered in front of her and Shanky was trying to talk to her as they were running out of time. But she was speechless like a log of wood. Shanky was apologizing, ‘Hey, did I say anything wrong? What happened and why are you so silent?’

Maggie couldn’t open her mouth or cry out loud. Lost, she kept wondering, ‘Who is that WRONG NUMBER guy?’

After some days he called her again and this time she took her own time and way to figure out, he was one of the guys who liked her a lot in college but never got chance to tell her. One day he got his chance and realized Maggie had a crush on Shanky .
Someone’s one sided love here gutted Maggie so much that she couldn’t even get along with his love when he was trying to be with her.

The wrong number just broke the first feel of love of someone’s life.


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