Work is Worship

Sowmya B.K.

Born on the 30th of August 1996 in Uppinangady, Karnataka, Sowmya B.K, is the daughter of Ms. Leelavathi and late Mr. Anand Acharya B.K, a truck driver. She is pursuing her Bachelors in Commerce from Govt. College in Uppinangady and is keen on taking up a job with a company or an institution after the completion of her course.

If God was real, he’d would look like our parents. For me, my father, when he was alive, was no less than God and I can never forget the lessons he taught me, his motto being:Work Is Worship”. My father was a lorry driver and had a driving experience of 50 years. He was known as “Driver Anand Anna” in my village. He was the role model for the entire driving fraternity. He was alert and took care of all such issues such as vehicle insurance and gas emission before taking his vehicle out on the road.

In his 50 years of working as a driver, my father had varied experiences. Once when my father was driving a bus full of passengers, it developed a technical snag. The bus would have fallen into a deep trench across the valley if it were not for my father’s expert driving skills. The passengers were all panicking and screaming when my father maneuvered the bus to safety and saved the lives of all the passengers.

Even in his old age, without bothering much about his ill health, he kept working to support his family. He was fond of children. He had also worked as a bus driver at some point, always making sure that the children reached their school on time. For all the love that he bore for children, they lovingly called him their “Driver Uncle”. Beside this, whatever time he had was spent doing work in the dairy.

In all the years that he worked, my father did not meet with an accident or any other kind of inconvenience, because of his driving skills. However, that does not mean that we were not worried about him. Often when he did not come home on time, especially on the days of heavy rain and stormy winds, I would pray to God to be with him and protect him. I would also pray for the safety of his vehicle and that no one else should be harmed because of it.

For a man who so loved his work, his end came too early. In fact, he had gone and inspected his vehicle just a short while before his death. Three months before I received this scholarship from Mahindra for my studies, my father passed away.

Ours is a middle class family and my father was the leading light for all of us. He was my role model and I still pray to him before getting up from the bed in the morning. It gives me a lot of courage to face difficult situations in my life. I would like to adopt my father’s ideals of honesty and dedication, take up a job and be a good citizen of the society.

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