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Manisha is a student of Pharmacy in Mumbai. She is 20 year old, and she loves reading, writing and painting.

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Throughout your day from dusk to dawn
I illuminate your life with my brightest light,
You need me around, you need me by your side,
To strengthen you, to be your guide,
I am a woman.

In the days gone by, I have been,
Thro’ this wicked society, thro’ its darkness unseen,
They said it is a ritual for a woman to die,
In the name of dowry, in the flames of Sati,
Always forgiving their sins, this bonded society I still pity,
I am a woman.

I have fought them all, I have built my path,
I have braved the odds, I now stand tall,
They never could, they never can,
Stop me from dreaming, limit my horizons,
I am a woman.

Behind the black veils, or facing the world,
I have life in my heart, a light in my mind,
I can bend the sun, I can reach the moon,
I can love the world in a householder, I can shun it like a nun,
What I maketh my purpose, giveth my life,
I scintillate this world , with my inward ray
I am a woman,

I am Durga, I am Lakshmi,
A prosperity for the good, adversity for the evil,
HE is the creator of life in his heavenly abode, i am the creator of life on His earthly home,
This infinite universe melts into me, I radiate out its ray of life,
I am a woman.


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  • Fathima rafith29/11/2017 at 6:22 AM

    Its one of wonderful poems that I heard yesterdays…you have a good future..
    All the best sister

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