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People say, every girl needs a guy as her best friend.
This isn’t true.
Yes, I did fall in love with my best friend. There was no harm in that. But all that he did to me, was that right?
I was in class 8. We had not been in the same section for the last 2 years, and this was the time we would spend most of our times together.
I spent 2 years waiting for the time when we will be in the same section, sitting next to each other on the same bench. Then, nothing mattered to me more than your happiness.
But I was wrong.
With time everything changes, and so did friendship.
We sat on the same bench but we didn’t share secrets. We followed the same routine but we didn’t do things together. We were not best friends any more. I knew this.

Did you?

After some years, you fell in love with one of my friends. She was Khushi.
One of the very few people with whom I spoke in school, within whom I searched you.

Unfortunately, that was the phase when Kuch kuch Hota Hain finally got into my head and I started falling in love with my best friend. But you knew me very well and caught me soon.
But you didn’t show any empathy. What did you do then?
You told me that we will stay friends if and only if, I helped you to couple with Khushi.
Nobody does that to his best friend.
Inevitably with time, we parted ways.
You sat with her during classes. I started looking for you in every other guy I met.
You knew that you were the most important part of my life. But you abandoned me.
Why me?

Khushi started being a b***h and started spreading rumours, calling me a whore.
I had a fight with her. What did you do?
You told me you will leave her for me, because you knew how much I loved you.
But you didn’t know that I was your best friend too. I caught you lying to me.
I confronted you about this.

You shouted on me, fought with me, accused me and left me crying in front of everyone.
It didn’t even take a single day to be the breaking news of our school. It kept haunting me till our farewell day.
I was named “The baby” of our batch.
From being “The Best Singer” to “The Baby” was a journey I would never forget.
I know it was easy for you to replaceme so easily. Yes it was my fault; I let you hurt me so much. It was my fault I l trusted me so much. It was my fault I told you all my deepest secrets.

I wonder what bond we shared that broke so easily. It broke because of love.
I have heard, love strengthens friendships. That didn’t happen with our story. We parted ways because of love.

But you could have abandoned someone else like this? I still search for you in every person I meet. Thank-you for leaving this lifetime scar on me. But sometimes I think, why me?



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