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About Meera Srikant

Meera Srikant is a freelance content developer, dancer and story-writer. She loves to explore and experiment, try out new things, and basically, experience life. And as she drifts through, discharging her responsibilities as a mother and wife, alternating with activities that rejuvenate her, she embeds her experiences as stories, poems and essays.
Faint whiff in the breeze evokes images that desire to be woven into a story. The ripple in the pond has a tale it hides. The smoke is not without a fire in the background. Meera is dedicated to uncover these secrets.

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My eyes open,

blinded to self;

deluded by glitter,

mislead by trash.


From my environs,

I think I know
where I am

where I want to go

And yet I don’t,

for I fumble.

Through known paths,

I seem to stumble.


With closed eyes

A way I seek

The body seems vast

The ‘I’ so meek


Where did it go,

this monster so huge?

That which hounded me,

taking refuge.


I seek an answer

to this poser

Chasing the ‘I’

Not getting any closer


Looking in the head,

in the beating heart,

running with the blood

flowing with the breath.


Through distractions,

through temptations

moments precious

drifting in introspection


A world of its own,

so engaging.

In the seeking

I know where I am.



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