When I Came To Know Me

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Abhay is a post graduate in science and has been working for the publishing industry since 1995. He loves writing but has started writing actively only recently. He loves writing on current topics and tries to add humour to it.

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These days going through loads of posts on Facebook, linkedin and other social sites, Babu has become a man of multiple personalities. He thinks that he fits in every lead character of the post he goes through.

Once dreaming in his deep sleep, he saw that he has lost all his accessories like Mobile, Laptop , Tab that were so useful to keep him connected with the world. He got puzzled thinking who I am. He could not identify himself even after a lot of struggle. Shocked over his dream, he woke up suddenly and decided something at once. That day he did something unusual.

He left his house without his cell phone, laptop and just every mechanical instrument which had become a part of his life. He walked through streets and ‘heard’ the noise there. He travelled in metro and ‘listened’ to the arguments of his co-passengers on politics, demonitisation, weather and what not. He sat in a restaurant and ‘observed’ the crowd and their behaviour there. He saw a full movie and tried to recall when last he had seen a movie undisturbed, but he could not remember that.

While returning back, he sat in a dhaba for his dinner. He found that dal there was much tastier than in a 5-star hotel. While walking back home, he realised that he was Babu, a human being and not a machine. He recalled that he is created by God to live life in a live mode and not like a CD which can be played back any number of times. He is here to enjoy the world around him and the company of his fellow men.
Do all of us need to wait for that dream of Babu to realise who are we and what we are here for!!


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