When “Daeda” was No More

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I am a 12th grade student. Being a voracious reader from a very young age has allowed me to explore my creativity in poetry and small articles. My mantra is always to stay true to myself and my art through which I can communicate with others. I participate in dramas, recitation and debate competitions at school and have been a guest editor from my school for TIMES NIE NEWSPAPER. I look forward to exploring deeper into my passions and be the change the world wants to see.

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It is been a week or so, before I saw him last
The day I remember, I hated him with my heart
He failed me as a dad
for he did not do what I asked
Oh! Daeda forgive me atleast
He left us without a word!
He left us in our own world
He departed peacefully on the bed
Had I known, the “hate” word would have never been said
Not a single tear I lost
Even on the day which was his last
I stood there like a lifeless soul
A soul that was crushed
Crushed because of her
For she never realized his worth
Why Daeda, why did you do this?
You promised me you would be there
You promised me so much
How could you break my trust!
Days passed, he is just in my heart
The void in my head still remains
For I gave him so much pain
I never got a chance to say “thank you”
I never got a chance to say “love you”
I wasted my time, for now I repent
Why did he leave me with this dent
All I ask is a chance!
Just a chance to change my words
My words that hurt him so much
Those words that tore me this much
H’s gone to a peaceful land
I know I’ve lost my chance
And now when I look back
I know what my life lacks!



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3 Response Comments

  • Amulya Nanda18/10/2019 at 9:46 PM

    It is a commendable work done and somehow it touched me inside my heart. While reading I became almost still for sometime thinking is it a poem or it is some message which is being conveyed to me.

    • Amulya Nanda22/10/2019 at 4:25 PM

      Thank you ma’am/sir. Your words mean a lot to me

  • Amulya Nanda22/10/2019 at 4:26 PM

    Thank you ma’am/sir. Your words mean a lot to me

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