Wake Up

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Bidisha Paul is an Analytics Professional based out of Bengaluru.An MBA from SCMHRD and a BE from Jadavpur University, Bidisha has been writing in various journals from very young days and has a blog too. A nomad by nature , an idealistic by principles and a perfectionist by thoughts, Bidisha loves travelling and hiking

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Wake up from eternal sleep, wake up before drowning,
Wake up to see the world so mesmerizing.
Search yourself in the air around,
Search yourself in the green ground.
Look into your mails ,twitter and facebook ,
Listen to a story, read a book,
Wake up to reply to whatsapp messages
Wake up after silence of ages.
Stand up to your courage and belief,
Reach to your dreams, forget grief.
Listen to a song, dance to the rhythm,
Sweat to complete the run with them.
Wining might not be an option,
Have faith in your own opinion.
Light up the room, burn out the candles,
Enough you slept, no more mishandle,
Brighten your day, let the air flow in,
No more failures in driving test again.
Steer your way, take the lead,
It’s time to get back to work, to succeed.
Walk up to those who love you,
Drink a beer or two, and let it go,
Smile a ton, and travel back,
Unleash life, unfurl, unpack…


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