Waiting for Father

Prachi Singh

Prachi Singh is the proud daughter of truck driver, Mr.Shiv Shankar singh and Ms. Rekha Singh. Born in August 1998, Prachi hails from Unnav , Uthar Pradesh. She is currently pursuing B.Ed. from Heera Lal Yadav Girls PG College Lucknow, and aims to become a teacher as she finishes the course.

My father is a large tree under whose shade my entire family thrives. Struggle is a small word with a larger meaning and each person in my family have had their share. Like every father my father has also struggled and continues to struggle day and night, for us.  Ever since my childhood, I have seen him drive a truck. Something or the other keeps happening that makes us feel we will lose everything. When he leaves with the truck, we live in fear and always wonder when he will be back.

Grandma used to tell me that when my father was 8 years, my grandpa expired. Everyone abandoned her and she brought him up with great difficulty. When he grew up, he learned driving and made it his profession. . Many incidents happened which cannot be forgotten. One such incident happened on 15th of July 2017, which our family will always remember.

Like every other day he went with his conductor from Lucknow to Gatampur, with his loaded truck. He had thirty five thousand rupees with him. Ahead of Kanpur in the evening, he stopped at a Dhaba. He had tea and left, and after some time, he fainted. He remained like that for the rest of the night. When my mother called him in the morning, there was no response. She called repeatedly and was frustrated. No one could reach him. At 10 am he managed to pick the call and said that he was sleepy and ill. By then the truck entered a tunnel and the call got disconnected.

Later, he called   in the afternoon and said that his pockets were torn and all his money was stolen. The conductor was also in the same state as he. He mentioned that his legs were weak and he was not feeling well. Mother told him to stop right there, informed the family and sent an uncle to get him. My uncle took 10 hours to reach there and my father was brought back the next evening. By then two days had passed and we got him admitted in hospital.  It was found that he was given poisoned tea. After 15-20 days his health was better.

It is not just with my father who had to go through this, but a lot of truck drivers face similar issues.

I am a tender flower and dear to my mother,

I am my father’s pet and wait for him

I keep asking him,”When will you come home?”

For he will think of me, waiting, and will drive safe.

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