Unspoken Words

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A banker turned aspiring writer who loves to write about anything and everything under the sun. Coffee lover, traveler, blogger and storyteller. A media professional who juggles between a full-time job and his love for good films, good food and great conversations. And when none of this is happening, you'll find him lost in a book or in a world of stories.

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One evening at the coffee shop
their eyes met
from one table to another they secretly conversed
about a loveless marriage and a relationship that wasn’t meant to be

She wasn’t a gold-digger as the world saw her
Just someone who seeked a partner as ambitious and focused as her
He wasn’t as perfect as his fiancée thought he would be
A man of few words, simple thoughts and great dreams
A satisfied job but an unsatisfied, unhappy companion

As the waiter mistakenly switched the orders
the two realized that their lives were switched too
Caught between two unlikely companions
trapped in a superficial world of their own too

The flowers, the exotic coffee, the cookies
Nothing mattered
All that mattered was ‘Where is all the love?’
Seeing happy faces around them
he wondered, ‘Are they really happy enough?’
Sipping through the bland coffee
she thought ‘sailing through a love that doesn’t exist is really tough!’
With similar thoughts and questions lurking over
the two tried to make peace with their anxious mind
‘Opposites attract’ is just a myth

Their minds and heart continued to ponder
while their unspoken words and curious eyes continued to secretly glance at each other


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