Truth Be Told

About Mandvi Sharma

Mandvi Sharma started as a journalist and eventually reintroduced herself as a PR professional. Having worked with some of the best media houses like Red Chillies Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and followed the craziest of schedules, she seeks solace in poetry whenever she finds some time to concentrate.

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The fog that grows amongst us all,
Nursing the frost bites that won’t heal for long,
Still searching for the words of my lost songs,
Wondering which way did you go now,
Thirsty for the truth that grows hazy with every step I take,
Miseries of my loved one keep me away from making mistakes,
I cringe, I cry, I bruise easy… and I wonder why,
I feel like a leaf floating in the river passing by,
It is not easy to follow the footprints in sand,
It is not easy to chase the shadows in the wind,
I am hungry for truth… when will it be told,
I am thirsty for peace… which will leave me stoned,
The maniacal laughter makes me shudder at night,
Will anyone ever get it right?
Caged in my own will for the victory of truth,
I have lost that little girl I used to be in hues…
Love was never my forte because I have always been on a run,
And yet the memories of green and brew make my mind go numb,
Was it two steps behind or two steps ahead of me, plain?
Was it the boat or just me that drowned away in vain?


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