Thoughts Inside The Casket

About Anirban Ray

A high school teacher from Kolkata, West Bengal, trying to explore realms of English Free Verse, Rhymed Poetry and Prose.

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The waters of Delphi are very still today —
The sky in solemnity has turned a blue-grey ,
Four pairs of hands lower me in the ground ,
The clouds protesting with a rumbling sound.

I can feel your suppressed sobs and wails —
I miss the Aegean, the sands, the sails ;
Whitewashed walls, the paved paths I’ll miss ,
Your smiles, your laughter, your gentle kiss !

A gust of wind makes the pines above sway ,
The sky still solemn, still a blue-grey ;
Below, my heart pines to hold your hand ,
For another walk on the shore, the sand !

The confines of the casket make me stifle ,
My mind wanders off to matters too trifle —
The caress of green grass under my feet ,
The endless line where the trees and sky meet .

Amidst such bounty, I yearn for Divine Grace ,
To let me run back to your warm embrace ;
Bring me back to life, the Powers that be ,
So that in your arms I may once again feel free !


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