Those Whispers

About Nitya Kannan

Nitya Kannan is a homemaker and mother of 2 children. Her schooling and education was done in Mumbai. She resides in Chennai currently. She discovered her flair for writing when she started writing poems and enjoyed doing just that. Words, sentences and expressions have a therapeutic effect on her. Nitya has obtained a Diploma in Creative Writing from Symbiosis Distance Education, Pune.

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Let me know the pain if it happens
for it’s time I let go what
bound my wanderlust heart
I have tried and caught up with some wisps
The whispers of our secrets
held my fragrance
with you and me in embrace
While I could forget with abandon
you remain so earnest
kissing away my tears
you simply laugh away my fears
We were never to part
never to let go
for we were soul mates
united, we thought, by fate
But then wasn’t it a spark that was also lit up by fate
Or how could these whispers
turn into a harsh realm
of hurt and pain
making us shout
and drown our soft calm
destroying the loving fragrance
into an arid smoke
that turned the caresses
into fingers wrenching clenching
Now our souls stay
just oblivious to each other
As the distance of hate has spaced everything
our former journey is mapped
with shattered memories on unseen stones
where also rests these scattered wisps
no more than mere remnants
of once passionate promising embers
they remain whispers of our secrets.


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