Then who were you, Zesus ?

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just a soul, trying to cling on to memories and keeping together a million pieces of mind.

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Have you just faded away,
Off my heart , Zesus !
Have you ain’t yet got ahead ,
Just Zesus are you , no way !
You ain’t Zesus.
You ain’t mine !

Evil are those , who snatched you,
Away , far , Zesus !
Have you yet not loved her ,
And I again see you off the bay ?
You ain’t Zesus .
You ain’t mine !

Home , outta my heart and
Then no more , Zesus !
Is it only my heart or your say ?
You ain’t Zesus .
You ain’t mine !

Get me ahead , I believe ,
And I believe you will , Zesus !
It stopped , you put up a nay ,
You ain’t Zesus .
You ain’t mine !


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