The White Shadow

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Vrajesh Dave stays in Gujarat and works at Dena Bank

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Peter stuck on the white wall. The wall was white, pure white, fully white. Nothing else except white! The sun rays attacked the wall with its full power and strength. The white sun rays on white wall, was adding the brightness or dullness of white colour to the wall.
Peter was in search of some color, a bit of color other than the white. But he was disappointed. He knew that the white color holds the all seven colors of rainbow. But to get all these colors, one has to crack the white. He could not crack it.
The white wall was looking like a white screen of a movie theatre.
Movie theatre!
There was loneliness spread all over and no human being was assumed till the horizons, how one could expect a movie and a theatre and a crowd? He laughed at his own thoughts.


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