The White Shadow Part 4

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Part 4

A black body covered by the white towel!
For the first time Peter noticed that… the color of the body. What he had crossed and jumped the 3 feet wall for, was black skin and not a white. He gazed the half covered body. It was like a white cloud in the dark black sky.

He asked himself, “How couldn’t I see the color of her body? Why I missed it?”
“When we are lustful, we miss many things which are right in front of us. At that time, our eyes turn blind.” Lucy had read the questions in Peter’s eyes.
“So you can read the face, too!” Peter was amused now.
Lucy just smiled, without words. The colors of the rainbow settled on her red lips, lying between black cheeks. Few moments elapsed silently. Both kept gazing at each other.

“Why are you standing there? Please come here, near this wall and relax. Come near me. You would get the answers for all your questions.” Lucy invited Peter with her hands.
Lucy moved to the other corner of the terrace. Peter was hypnotized and followed her.
Lucy stopped at the wall, on which Peter had been watching the black shadow since 8-10 days. Lucy stood almost hugging that wall. Peter stopped beside Lucy.
The emptiness of the place was spread over there, but there was no emptiness in Lucy. She was full of something wonderful. Something complete.
How naturally, the presence of someone defeats the emptiness and fills with the completeness!
Still Peter was puzzled with many doubts. Lucy was a natural. She read the face of Peter, and smiled again.
“One can’t live with so many doubts and questions. Let’s break the silence. OK. Say something about yourself…. Hmm, What’s your name, man?” Lucy’s red lips moved.
Peter realized that he hadn’t introduced himself to Lucy, not revealed his name either. Even though Lucy behaved normally, he was still puzzled. The calm behavior of Lucy was disturbing Peter, shaking Peter.
What was in that girl? Why was she so natural? Could anyone be so normal while meeting the unknown, whom she was meeting first time? Who else had seen her naked body?

Something was there in the Lucy’s personality which was attracting Peter to her. It might be a magnet, the black magnet. Yes, Lucy was a magnet. Magnets are black, always and so was Lucy.
“Peter is my name.” He could say just these words. Lucy laughed.
“Peter, it’s good name, man. So, are you here to look after the forest?”
“Yes. But how did you know this?”
“There are only two houses in this place which is full of emptiness. The owner of this forest is also the owner of these two houses. One, in which I am living and this second house, is for the person who looks after this forest. I am a teacher in a nearby school. The school also belongs to the owner of this forest. Since long no one was residing in your house. When you take charge?” Lucy breathed deeply.
“Some 8-10 days ago. Since then I am living in this house. And…”
“And looking at me from your terrace? Watching my naked body…?”Lucy smiled. She was little naughty.
“Not body, just the shadow. I looked at the body only today. It is beautiful.” Peter was under total delusion.
“What were you doing since 8-10 days on this terrace? How did you know that a girl is living here?” Lucy asked gazing his eyes.
Peter remained unstable for some moments and waited till he gathered some courage. “I was watching this white wall. It was reflecting your black shadow while you were bathing. I was looking at that only. The black, naked shadow…”
“The color of shadow remains black, always, irrespective of the color of body. It remains naked too. In spite of covered fully, it would be naked.” She laughed again, stopped for a while and took deep breaths.
“Peter, your body is white, but the shadow of your body on this wall is black. And look, you are in full clothes; still your shadow is naked.” She laughed, loudly this time. Her laugh spread over the forest.
“Don’t you feel shy while bathing naked? Don’t you fear that someone may find you in that position?”
“No. There are only two houses here. One in which I am living and another was vacant since months. No one else was living here. Why should I fear? Feel shy over whom?“
“But I am residing here now.”
“So? You have watched me naked already. Now I have nothing to hide.”
“Then would you continue bathing like this?”
“Yes. Why not, Peter?” Her lips smiled, sweetly.

Peter was disturbed, with things Lucy said. One, she was perfectly at ease with herself, not the least perturbed by the unpretentious representation of her being. Two, her smile was amazing.
Three, there was something magnetic about her. Four, she was far more simple and normal than Peter could ever be. And five, she was black but fueled no regrets for being so.
None of her traits matched with things that Peter knew about women.
“It’s time for my school. I have to go.” Lucy left Peter stranded in his confusion.
Peter stood there slaying the white wall. He was still looking for the black, naked shadow of Lucy. But, nothing was there. It was only the white, lifeless wall again.
He felt that he too was white, colorless and lifeless, like the wall. His heart missed the beat or his breath stopped? Peter did not know.
The emptiness was there in the forest, traversing a lonely path, in front of his sight. Everything was stable, motionless, and empty; like Peter.

Suddenly his eyes caught one image on that lonely path. It was Lucy, with full clothes on, a fully covered body. She was wearing a light tawny T-Shirt and blue tight jeans, with a scarf on her head. Her nakedness vanished. She was on the way to her school.

Her walk was just the rhythm of nature, like she was. It was beautiful, attractive and magnetic, but not black. The mark of her steps on colored soil, made it more colorful. Peter’s eyes followed the back of Lucy, moving away from him with every step forward, with vacant mind. She vanished rapidly in the forest.

To Be Continued Part 5…


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