The White Shadow Part 3

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Part 3

For the next 8-10 days, the same things repeated. The white wall, the black shadow, those routine acts of the shadow and opposite to that, Peter, as still as another wall, standing fascinated!
Peter wanted to remain in the dark no more. He decided to cross the 3 feet wall and catch the origin of the black shadow. The secret of the black shadow on white wall needed to be unfolded and his patience had breathed its last.

Next evening Peter waited for the shadow. The shadow arrived, following its own routine.
Peter remained lost in thoughts for a few moments. As soon as it turned naked, he couldn’t hold back any further. Peter jumped, to cross the 3 feet wall separating the two houses. He was on the same terrace as the shadow. He did slide towards the origin of the shadow, very silently. He peeped to take a look, hiding himself and stood astonished.

There was a 20-22 years old girl, without any cloths. Her half back and half breasts were visible. Hair untied and spread over her shoulders, Peter could see her right ear, right cheek and right shoulder from where he stood. Her open hair was all over the big curvy chest, covering half of her breasts and leaving the other half open. An open nipple was clearly visible.

Peter tried to keep watching for long, but could not. Something rankled inside him. He withdrew his eyes from the breasts. The next was the sharp waist with very lustful curves. He indulged himself, caught in the whirlpool of some deep sea. He had to make quite some efforts to come out of the whirlpool.

Below her waist his eyes reached the voluptuous hips, well shaped thighs, lustfully sculpted calves and at the end, smooth heels! From top to bottom, she was a statue. An unique statue, crafted with great care. He stood there holding his breath and gazed at her. She rubbed the soap on her skin. A transparent, white sheet of foam spread and passed over her body, covering less and exposing more. She dropped water on her body. The white foam started to slide away slowly.

She finished her bath. She turned to grab the towel. Her eyes caught Peter. He attempted to hide but failed.
The girl gathered that there was a handsome young boy behind, staring at her naked body. And she was standing in front of him, totally naked. She was restless for a while, but recollected herself very soon. She sighed deeply.

She didn’t try to hide herself. She stood as she was. She didn’t shy away, nor attempted to cover her body with the towel, didn’t even run to the room to hide herself. Both remained still, looking at each other. There was a wonder and surprise in both pairs of eyes. The wonder became the bridge between their eyes. Both felt as if something travelled through that bridge.
Peter started feeling guilty.

The girl’s lips moved slightly, attempting to open. Peter’s attention hovered around the lips. He closed his eyes expecting the worst.
“Hello, I am Lucy, and you?” The words knocked his ears. Very sweet voice. No curse or complaint. It assured Peter that the girl, Lucy, was neither angry nor displeased. He opened his eyes, slowly. Lucy was still there, she hadn’t moved an inch. There was no strain on her face, nor was she puzzled. No fear, no hesitation. She was naked but natural, easy and inherent. It was a wonderful pose of time.

The same was disturbing Peter.

He looked at Lucy again, from head to heel. There was a spring of beauty flowing through her body. Peter closed his eyes, again. Lucy laughed, loudly. Her laugh dissolved in the vast sky. Peter felt that this laughter was more beautiful, attractive and lustful than her body.
“Don’t you feel so shy, like this…?” Peter opened his eyes to let them fall on Lucy’s.
“It’s normal. There is nothing to feel shy at all.” Lucy looked at her own body.
“Like this, in front of me, without any cloth on your body! How naked you are!” Peter’s voice was fumbling.
“Nakedness is more in your mind than in my body.” She wanted to reply, but couldn’t. “Our thoughts, our thinking, our dreams, hope, ambitions, desires, our truth, our false, conspiracy, imaginations – all are naked. We are not ashamed of those. Then why should we feel shy over the naked body?” Lucy passed the same message but only after rewording herself carefully.

Peter was speechless.

Lucy judged the mind of Peter. She grabbed the towel lying there, and tied it tightly around her body. Her developed curves were under the towel now, still looking attractive. It was covering her body till half the thigh. She seemed more beautiful, charming and inviting.
Peter took a conscious and closer look at her. The towel was white and the color of the skin covered by the white towel was black!

                                                                                                                                                                            To be Continued Part 4…


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