The White Shadow Part 1

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Part 1

Peter could not sleep well during his first night in that house. Till late night he was awake and tried hard to sleep, but failed. Later, early in the morning he managed to doze off.
When he woke up and looked his wrist watch, it was showing 7.42 am.
When Jack, servant of the contractor, dropped him to this house, it was late evening. There was a deep darkness and dark silence around the house. He could not judge the surroundings of the house or the area.
Jack instructed, while leaving Peter back, “I will come at 10.30 am with tea and breakfast. Then we would move straight towards the forest and start the work.”
Peter smiled and gazed at the watch. It was 7.42 am.
“Still I have plenty of time. Let’s fall asleep again.” He spoke to himself. He tried a lot but once again, could not fall asleep.
‘What to do, then?’ he asked again. The question rose like a big mountain before him. He thought deeply for long but found no answers.
It was a time of confluence of spring and winter. The warmth was trying to meet the coolness. It was like a hot woman’s attempt to hug the cool man. It was very attractive, and tempting.
‘Let’s move out and see the world around. Let’s breathe some fresh air, too.’ His mind ordered.
‘Let me see outside first.’ He responded to his mind and opened the window. He looked outside. There was nothing till the farthest end.

Only a narrow track, full of dust. Colour of the dust was dull. The forest was spread over on both the sides of the track and a sky. The wide open sky, endless and deep.
‘Am I in a forest? Is this house in a forest?’ He doubted. It disturbed him. He was expecting the house within the society of human beings, apart from his place of duty, the forest. He closed the window and walked away. He could not dare to rush out of the house.

He looked around and finally found a staircase in his house; he used it and climbed up. There was a room there too. One more staircase he found there. It led him to the terrace of the house. He found that the house in which he slept last night was a two storey building.
He was under the open sky. He looked at the direction in which he looked at from his window. The story was the same. There was nothing there except the dusty track, forest and the sky.

Loneliness stretched till the horizons; and the nothingness pervaded till where the path ended, eye sight ended.

Peter sighed deeply. He closed his eyes. He was a social animal, after all. And he was expecting himself within the society. But, where was he? He gathered some courage and decided to look another side, the opposite side. There was another terrace of a house, three-four feet away. It was also a two storey house. He tried to look beyond. He was disappointed, again.

There was nothing here either. The same dusty track, a forest, the sky, the loneliness and the nothingness.

‘Any human resides here? Or the loneliness and nothingness alone are the citizens of this place?’ Peter was engulfed by his own questions.
‘But, there is a house here, maybe some life too exists.’ His inner voice tried to assure him.
He concentrated on the nearby house and started observing it.

There was a room on the left side of the terrace, covering half of the place. Half the terrace was open. He could not see the door of the room as it might be on the opposite side. There was a wall on the right hand side. A white and big wall, maybe 8 feet high and 17-18 feet wide. It was 20-22 feet away from him. White sunrays were spread across the white wall. White light on white wall made it look like a white movie screen of the theatre.

Movie theatre!

Here, where there was loneliness spread all over and no human beings seemed to be present, how one could expect a movie and a theatre and a crowd for the movie? He laughed at his own thoughts. He laughed loudly, for the first time till last evening. He liked it. It gave some positive vibes to his heart. Peter tried to concentrate away from that wall, many times. But, every time the wall attracted him. He could not leave the wall out of his sight.
‘What’s in this wall?’
Peter could not decide. But, he could not leave it alone either. He felt some illusions in that wall, as if there might be some life on that wall, the life which was hidden and trying to come out; the life which was calling him, inviting him. He was puzzled.
He remained stuck there.

How many waves of time flew away, Peter could not count. The white wall, the white sun shine and his white sight! Everything was white, still Peter felt hopefully, the presence of some colors in his life!

A life knocked, at last. An image emerged on the white wall, all of sudden. It was like a shadow of someone. The shadow, a black shadow! The dark black shadow! Peter liked that black color on the colourless white wall. He was excited.

The shadow was moving gently. From the movements of the shadow, Peter concluded that it was the shadow of a human being. He concentrated and judged roughly, it was perhaps the shadow of a woman.

‘It means that, someone is indeed residing in this house and it is a woman, perhaps.’ Peter gazed. The poses and movements of the shadow were raising his confidence on the assumption. He assured himself and jumped with joy. ‘Someone is here; I am not alone in this calm….’

For a while, the shadow became stable. It remained stable for some moments. Then it opened both the hands, parallel to the floor. It moved towards right, then left. It took many moves towards left and right. From her movements, it seemed she was a woman with curves; many curves; and each curve was attractive.

To Be continued in Part 2…


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