The Whirlpool

About Sandip Sen

Sandip Sen has been writing poetry since school; mostly ghost-writing for heartbreakers and broken hearts. The Whirlpool is a poetry of the Chyayavadi genre, as he is a great fan of Surya Kant Tripathi (Nirala). Sandip seldom writes poetry nowadays. Instead, he writes prose. Anything from crude oil to cosmetics, cryptocurrencies to GST. He also writes a lot on environment; his twitter handle and facebook identity is @ecothrust.
You can find some of his videos discussing Energy or Economics at Lok Sabha TV or entertainment videos on his You Tube channel, Ecothrust.
He is also an Editor at Indian Express Online but you can find his writings in most business papers. Sandip has written two books and is writing the 3rd that should be published in the autumn of 2018. Though it is not poetry, it is interesting. It will be titled as, Still Emerging- Indian Streetonomics 2014-2018 : An Economic and Political Roundup.

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For as if a canyon deep could rest in the swallowing seas

where the verdant calm engulfs all

yet dares not fill the void.


I saw the virgin crevice quiver in the fading light of dusk

dark and moist around her mouth,

the juices wept from the silky mound

throes of sorrow or her joy

I simply could not tell


For I have no heart to violate her

I have no dare to explore her

I can only watch her in despair

As she twirls & swirls in love


The beauty of that frothing wound

The hollow of the spiral seas

So deep, so pure, oh ocean blue

that you pull me onto thee


I jump off the cliff of my desert mount

For I can wait no more

Even though I may not swim

I must be only your


A novice me, I fall on face

For I know not how to ride

the waves that ride the ocean green

and take them in my stride



The whirlpool fills, the ocean calms

and takes me in its gentle arms

whispers in my ears, oh friend

this is not your place to be


I wake up in a daze on shore,

I can feel, the seas no more

but can only hear her gentle whoosh

as she gently beckons me


I cry on land, I cry alone

For I know not where to go

My heart is in your deepest swirl

I want you to take me in your whirl

not throw me back on shore my friend

even as you twirl.



I sit by shore and you hear me weep

and  you carry me in your gentle


and teach me  ride the waves of love

in your breast  oh ocean blue


I learn to twist and twirl with you,

I learn to hold and dive

As I sleep so calm on your breast

and watch the seagulls, as wings

they spread

and float like me oh ocean blue

on the skies above.


Drenched in love and riding high

I try to caution, that I can’t fly

knowing not that I hurt your


oh mighty ocean blue



The waves they part and drag me in

as you take me in your  twirls

and the turmoil of your hurt you bare

and show me how you are in despair

that I broke your trust and dared

to break your wishes and your dream


and you throw me up into the skies

as I watch, oh helpless me

drenched in love I wonder why

you ride me rough and toss me high

and plead for mercy ocean blue

as your anger turns you green



In rage you cry, I watch so stunned

I am no more loved, but to be


cast ashore on the rocky cliffs

my face smashed, and left to bleed

my head is spinning but so is my


as I weep my fears to thee.


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