The Weak Triangle

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The Carnile family had hit gold. Their “Dating Engine” was mean. It had everything that everyone wanted. A matho-logic invention predicting much valued marriage enabling-cum-corrective events; thousands of simulations telling what to suppress or enhance and whom to avoid or chase.

Scores of little machine, “wo-men”, did profile mapping from the behaviors of countless subjects from multiple angles, carried out rule-based analysis, comparisons and then predictions of compatibility. And lo! For no charge, as money came from ads, marriages were made in virtual zones.

Many tried to replicate their success, but few could rival the human understanding of their twin daughters. They were the contestants, filters, arbiters, trainers of the “wo-men”; instilling intelligent layers in them from live case studies and quizzes.

Tracy Carnile had this long-episodic case of a triangular relationship and unknown to the three, she had “inside information” from a confiding participant’s sister, who, in turn, was a true gossiper. The model with all its relationship triggers was fed into the thinking machines for predicting the outcome.

Tracy had to prove the superiority of human instincts, sensing it to be a losing battle.

“I know you doubt whether I provide you with the full information; I record all the conversations with our insider and I let you interpret; I want you to do a good job, so the Carnile credibility increases.” This was Tracy’s genuine stand.

“So far the triangle has been strong.  A true contestant’s arena with the right tensions. The young man, Ronnie is willing to choose between Shymalee and Noorie. We are keeping the model traditional with Ronnie, in this case, the focal point. We are assuming that the two accomplished and beautiful maidens have, after their past distractions, now zeroed in on Ronnie and there are no temptations or as per your technical term, trade-offs.” She summarized the case.

“We believe, Shymalee has lost the early-move edge. Call it over familiarization, possessiveness, lack of constant nearness and increased cribbing. Smart Noorie has decorated the scene teasingly with spell of impulsive ways – impromptu celebrations, encouraging intimacies, carefree splurges and intense love for doing something good and great. Ronnie is impressed.” Outlined the “wo-men”, reading the linked data-points.

“Shymlee is stable. Ronnie is constantly bombarded with “good feel” about her from their common network sources. She is the ultimate influencer of opinions,” put in Tracy.

“Where is the leverage, the sticky handle?” quipped the experienced, doubting one “wo-men”. “I don’t see the timing closure or declaration in Noorie; all cards are not on the table. Her actions are evasive, casual sometimes and is there a fighting motivation! I doubt!”

“Shymlee’s leverage is cornering, compelling Ronnie to commit. Humans have this innate fear at the crucial closure juncture.”

“One is less committed, the other over-aggressive. So what happens to the target – Ronnie? Will he decide?”

“Ronnie cannot remain in limbo. His indecision stems from conflicting approaches of the two fair maidens. His fear could be, who will say ‘yes’ now and he is leaning towards the indecisive Noorie.”

“The computations don’t stack up; the triangle is not robust to give a decision. The edges are folding up; collapse of a side is inevitable.”

“The shape needs one more wall.” murmured Tracy almost to herself.

And surely that evening, she got the news from the insider. Ronnie saw, met and was wooed away by a total stranger whom he met at a party. She had the tenacity of one, the charm of the other and the freshness that clinched the otherwise indecisive Ronnie.

The case was closed. Lessons were learnt and archived.



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