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Virag Shah has spent more than 9 years with FMCG, Pharma, OTC, Healthcare & Advertising industry. He is based in Gujarat. Having keen interest in writing, Virag is also passionate about strategic brand analysis & concept development.

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We live our days in stressful ways
Our lives, like forgotten clothespins on the wire,
are stuck on mobile phones and gadgets,
Our days do not radiate the sunshine
and nights are not starry
The real happiness is traded for pelf in the rat race,
The colours of our lives have faded despite gaudiness around.
For solace I turn to
the river that begins from the mountains and gathers itself back
in the sea
The river’s journey has something to teach :
At one’s own natural pace,
moment by moment,
from one day to another,
life’s journey can be truly satisfying
giving one happiness that is everlasting!


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