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Vanit Bakshi is a travel manager in a travel company. He is also a professional singer and lyricist. He comes from Jalandhar, Punjab but has been living in Moscow for more than 8 years now.

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I remember that evening of 13th December 2013. 13 is my Lucky Number by the way. There was screening of the Indian film, “3 Idiots” at Indian Film Festival. It was organized by the Embassy of India in Moscow. I was invited there too, to witness the presence of my favorite actor, Mr. R. Madhavan. The screening came to an end and he came out to have a question/answer session with the media and to interact with fans. That was when I too got this golden chance to meet him and tell him that how much I admire him.

I told him that I love his all movies and wished him the very best for his next project, “Saala Khadoos” for which he was training to get himself into the image and body of a rough, tough man. For few minutes we spoke, I took some photos with him and then I left for home.

I was touched. Even after leaving the venue I was still revering in the time spent with this kind, warmhearted gentleman, which is so rarely expected from a superstar. I was impressed and inspired. I wished I could write something for him, maybe a poem or a song for him, to show my regards for him as a fan. After all, what else did I possess, to give as a gift to my favourite actor?

An idea hit me. I thought I will write a poem for him.  My friend Vicky, who was assisting him during his stay in Moscow, would carry the poem to him as my gift.  So I wrote the poem, drafting, redrafting and finalizing it through half the night. The very next day I sent it to Vicky requesting him to try and pass it on to Madhavan Sir. I waited with abated breath, expecting God knows what! Maybe a call from Vicky, saying Madhavan Sir had accepted it and kept it to be read later because he was too busy. Or maybe I’ll hear that the poem couldn’t be handed over to him because of a hectic schedule.

That evening I was with my friends in a party. Suddenly my mobile flashes my friend Vicky’s number. He tells me that Madhavan Sir wants to talk! Completely taken aback, I asked, “Are you sure?” He said, “Yes, just talk to him.”

I was really nervous when the voice of Madhavan Sir beamed from the other side of the phone. “Hi beta, how are you? I just read your poem,it’s so touching! You made my day, Vanit. God bless you beta, you will do very well in life. My best wishes are with you. God bless you.”

I was so happy at that moment. Working on something is a lonely satisfaction; having it acknowledged by the one’s it is meant for is fulfillment. R. Madhavan just gave me a taste of that fulfillment. I got my life time memory with him. I thanked Vicky from the bottom of my heart for making this happen.

Madhavan Sir is one of the most golden hearted person in Indian film industry, besides being one of the most talented and versatile actors. Rarely do you meet someone so humble, genuine and such a pure soul. I wish him a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on 1st June and pray for a long healthy life for him, which turns happier, beautiful, crusted with much more success in the days to come.


The poem was as below :-

What a beautiful day it was,

I got everything while I lived that golden chance

How should I describe that moment

When I met him and it turned a life time event

Once he came to Bollywood he did not look behind, just went ahead

“Want to be in your heart,” All welcomed him and said

He acts so beautifully & brilliantly, he is the best

He works so hard, genuinely, without much rest

He is loved by billions of people and shines like the Sun

He is none other than our super dashing  R.Madhavan, R.Madhavan

He meets and treats his fans so warmly, and brings them delight

This is the reason, he is getting huge success and his future is bright

I pray he keeps shining, keep rising, keep smiling forever

No bad waves or sorrows should touch him ever

I pray he keeps shining, keeps rising, keeps smiling forever

No bad waves or sorrows should touch him ever

No bad waves or sorrows should touch him ever


Translated from the original

बहुत ही खूबसूरत दिन वो कल था,

सब कुछ मिल गया हो ऐसा वो पल था

कैसे करूँ ब्यान मैं उस पल को,

मिली जो खुशी जिनसे मिल के मेरे दिल को

जब रखा पहला कदम हिन्दी फ़िल्मो में इन्होने,

हर किसी ने कहा इन्हे, रहना है तेरे दिल में

बहुत ही खूबसूरत अदाकारी है जिनकी

लगा देते है हर फिल्म में पूरा जो अपना तन-मन

यह है हमारे प्यारे, सबके चहीते

सूपर डॅशिंग  र.माधवन, र.माधवन

अपने फँस से बड़े प्यार से यह मिलते है

तभी तो हर कदम पर इनके खुशियों के फूल खिलते हैं

सारी दुनिया की खुशियाँ, इनकी झोली में पड़ती जाए

और लोगों का प्यार और दुआएँ ऐसे ही पाते जाए, और खूबसूरत रोल निभाते जाएँ, निभाते जाएँ

बहुत ही आदर है मेरे मन में र.माधवन जी के लिए

करता हूँ दुआएँ रब से, कि हमेशा यह ऐसे ही खुशी के पल जीए

ना कोई मुसीबत इनको छू पाए, ना ही लगे किसी की बुड़ी नज़र

ऐसे ही हस्ते रहे, मुस्कुराते रहे माधवन, और बढ़ते रहे दर-ब-दर , दर-ब-दर


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