The Waiting

Aahar Neelam Haribhai

Aahar Neelam Haribhai is the proud daughter of Truck driver Mr. Haribhai and Ms. Bhavnajeevan. Born in January, 2000, Aahar hails from Kutch district, Gujarat. Currently pursuing graduation from Shri Bhugjeevan Swamibapa Bhayila College, Aahar wishes to become a successful business woman as she finishes her education.

My father is working as a driver for 20 years. He wakes up early in the morning at 5am goes for driving. Throughout the day, he will be driving the truck as per the requirements. He returns home only by 7pm. In my family I have two younger brothers, mother and my grandparents. We all stay together. All of us eagerly wait for our father to return by evening. And when he returns home in the evening, we all have dinner together. . That is one meal he gets to have with us and some hours he gets to spend with us. We miss him as we don’t get to spend much time. But in the end of the day when he comes home, we all are very happy and spend time together, not worrying about anything.

He drives in all seasons; whether it is rainy season, winter or summers. Once my father went to drive, away from Kutch. There, he met with an accident. Four dacoits entered his truck and they kept knife on his throat and were trying to loot his money. But my father faced them without getting scared.  I can’t imagine what would have gone through his mind at that time.  He knew being scared was not an option. He mustered all his courage and fought them back. He called out for help and when they realized they were about to get caught, the dacoits ran away, leaving my father and the vehicle.

He was completely in shock when he returned home.  He walked up to me, kept his hand on my head, handed me the money and said, “This is the money I earned for you both. Your money and your father both are safe”. We came to know what happened only after that and were completely shattered. Then he started crying. Even after this incident, he did not leave driving.

He never refused anything we ever asked him for. Because of my father, we are able to study well. Because of his hard work, we are in college. Our financial condition is getting better now. . My father follows all the rules of the road very carefully. For he knows there is a wife, children and parents waiting for him, every evening, to have the dinner with him.

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