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Debjani Mukherjee a MBA in applied management loves to play with words and shaping her cognizance of life in poetry. She behold human nature very meticulously and mastered the art of pouring her fulfilment on paper skilfully. Her poems, short stories and articles are published in many international anthologies and magazine

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Following the blue haversack which continuously Intending to vanish into the thick congestion of people, Purvi hurled forward holding her two litter gems in two hands who have equal potential of getting vanished into the crowd as the blue haversack. Even at this early hours, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was crowded enough to lose someone easily. Stumbling through the mess, she tried to keep her pace unchanged adjusting the slipping down handles of her hand bag every now and then. Her curly bushy hair was tucked up in a roll with a clutcher almost in the middle of her head allowing a part of it visible even from the front. Resembling quite like the Antanas of Teletabies. The long piece of beautifully embroidered chiffon, called dupatta is thrown diagonally across her blue long top carelessly and both ends of it are tied into a knot, leaving it to dangle on the right side of her waist. The Patiala style lower attire, a pant tied to her waist with a draw string is folded upwards leaving her ankles exposed, making her look like she is wearing two fat belly cylindrical drums on both her legs. This arrangement was carefully made to save the ends of the pants from getting dirty. As she had anticipated, the floor of the platform was terrible in this season because of awful rain. The blue haversack finally stopped its movement and dispersed on the ground with two humongous trolley bags  jacketed carefully with transparent covers. Purvi reached the point and showered her temper on the carrier of the blue haversack, who could be the perfect husband of the world if only he had the common sense to look behind for the other members of the family while walking.


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