The Vacation Part-3

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Debjani Mukherjee a MBA in applied management loves to play with words and shaping her cognizance of life in poetry. She behold human nature very meticulously and mastered the art of pouring her fulfilment on paper skilfully. Her poems, short stories and articles are published in many international anthologies and magazine

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Part 3

Nikhil was still with his phone, typing mails and sending them.

“Someone said it would be romantic to go by train”, Purvi whispered leaning closer to Nikhil. Nikhil looked up and took a glance at Purvi. Her beautiful deep eyes were looking straight into his. Age had added up a little weight on Purvi which made her skin glow better. Her round face with thin lips and and a short nose still made her look girlish. The curly unmanaged forlocks dangling on her face made her look almost as if she was at college. Nikhil was half lying on the berth, resting on his right elbow. He quickly recollected his eyes and sat up straight. He kept the phone in his pocket and picked up the paper plate.
“Hmm not bad,” he said taking a bite of the brownie.

“Babbia please tell Mom to give me another.” Titli now put her application to her Dad.
Nikhil looked at Purvi and smiled. “Give her another one,” he said pleading softly.
“Then me too please.” Tito added himself up using the opportunity well. Purvi reached for the haversack to get the tiffin box with a smile on her face.

Almost an hour ago the train crossed the Chiplun station. Tito giggled as soon as the name on the station board caught his sight.

“What a funny name!!” he laughed. “Chiplun like the Chipmunks. See Titli, it is as funny as your face hee hee.”
“Mummeeee see.” Titli cried out in a thin peevish tone, looking at her mother for a bona fide justice.
“Tito, don’t you dare tease your sister. This is not home.” The half asleep mother did the justice, keeping her eyes still closed.
Nikhil was now busy with his laptop. He was checking the updates of the sale figures which kept coming continuously throughout the day. He was making calls every now and then, pushing his subordinates to meet the target of the day.
Tito again got absorbed in the book and Titli continued doodling in her notebook which had a cover of camel leather with a stone in the middle and hand made papers bound within. Babaiya gifted it to her and she carried it every where she went.
Her short smooth inverted bob cut enclosing her little face was pinned at one side carefully to avoid getting messy.

“Mom will you listen to my new poem please? I just wrote it.” Titli’s silvery voice landed the request in her Mom’s ear. Purvi sat up on her sit with a smile.
Say loudly love we all will listen. Nikhil said folding his laptop aside. Titli’s face lit up with the encouragement and she started reciting from her notebook.

The Train kept rumbling along the rail
From my window I can see it’s tail
Hobbling and bobbling running in speed
Food or water it has no need
Crossing the stations without a stop
My window gets wet in plunging drops
Brooks and trees , tunnels and meadow
Along the train wobble it’s shadow
I keep staring at the passing hills
The journey give me tingles with its thrills.

 “It is awesome!! Little lady.” Nikhil said with a broad smile. A kind of smile parents bare with pride on their children’s success. Purvi hugged her daughter and kissed her on the cheek. “My little talented princess.” she uttered with happiness.


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