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Sagnik Chakraborty is a 13 year old boy who loves reading, writing and eating. He studies in the eighth grade at Birla Divya Jyoti School, Siliguri. Sagnik loves to fantasize everything and lives in the dimension of imagination. He is an avid reader of “Diary of Wimpy Kid” and “Adventures of Secret Seven”.

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Chapter 1

My name is Peter Miller. I am a 13 year old boy. I am new to this town. My family moved out of my old town because my father has been posted here for his job. My mother is a home-maker. Right now she is unpacking boxes and arranging, cleaning our new house. My sister is also 13. Her name is Rita miller.

Chapter 2

Today is the first day of my new school. The name of my school is Camellot High School. I am sitting in my new classroom with a group of boys and girls. I don’t know them. My sister is trying to be friends with the girls of the class whereas I am sitting quietly with a blank look in my face! Our class teacher enters. We stand up and wish, “Good Morning Sir.”

“Good Morning students. My name is Jason Marshall and I am your new class teacher. You all can call me Mr. Jason”. Mr. Jason gave us the time-table for the whole year, listened to our names, talked with us and gave an introductory lecture. After school, when I was walking out of the classroom door, some boys asked my name and became friends. I felt nice. After I returned home, I and my sister told our parents about our new school. Rest of the day, I spent time reading books, playing computer games etc. Then I had my dinner and slept.

Chapter 3

Today is the second day of my new school. I talked with my new friends. Their names are James Brown, Eddie Knox, and Edward Stevenson. After sometime, it was our library class. My friends shared information about the school, about our teachers etc. When we entered the library, I saw a light glowing through a book in the attic. I asked my friends about it but they knew nothing.

Chapter 4

After our library class, we had our Maths class. Our Maths teacher was awesome! After Maths period, it was our lunch break. Some children had lunch; others went to play on the field. I quickly had my lunch and sneaked into the library. I climbed through the window of the library since the door was locked. I luckily found the attic door unlocked, so I went inside the library attic. I picked out the book from which the light was glowing. There was some warning written on the cover of the book. It was “BEWARE: THIS IS A BOOK OF TIME TRAVEL.”  I thought it was some kind of joke. So I turned the pages of the book. Suddenly, a blue-white light beam ejected out of the book and sucked me inside. I went in back in time, to the land of ancient Rome.


Chapter 5

Year 45 BCE! Ancient Rome. Men were wearing toga – a long sheet wrapped around the body and some men wearing normal tunics. Women were wearing stola – a long garment and palla (cloak) and a hood above their heads. People there looked at me in a strange way. One of them asked – “Why are you wearing such a funny dress? You don’t look good. Do you want to visit the doctor?” “No! Thank you, I am perfectly fine! I just need some clothes.”

The man took me to his home and gave me a tunic to wear. I felt uncomfortable but I had to wear it. The man asked, “Where do you live child?”

“Very far from Rome.” I replied.

“You seemed to be lost, let me take you to the King” said the man. I followed him. We took to the streets of Rome. It was very crowded. There were multi-storey apartment buildings called insule, busy markets, etc. After some time we reached to the King’s court. The king was Gaius Julius Caesar. The man explained to the King that I was new to Rome. The king listened very patiently.

Chapter 6

The King asked, “What is your name, my child?”

I replied, “My name is Peter Miller.”

“So weird name!” said the King. “Where did you come from?”

“I cannot explain it sir until you come with me.” I tried to convince him.

“Okay, I will come”. The king ordered the guards to prepare his chariot and his horses.

Chapter 7

I and the King went to the same place where I found myself in Rome. There I saw a book lying on the road. I picked it up and recognized that it was the same book that led me to Rome.

The king asked, “What is that in your hand?”

I replied, “It is a book sir.”

The king asked me to read the contents but as soon as I turned the book to read, the same blue-white beam of light sucked me and then I found myself back in the attic of my school library. I kept the book safely and quickly changed my clothes. I went out of the attic and climbed out of the window of the library. After carefully closing the window, I went back to my class. I will neither forget the whole experience, nor will I discuss this incident with anyone.

Finally, after the lunch break, I had science and English classes. When the school got over, I returned home and kept quiet for the rest of the day since I was still shocked with whatever had happened.


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