The Terror Attack

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Chinmoy Saikia is a 11 years old boy who loves to read and write stories. He wants to be a child specialist and a writer when he grows up.

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I was playing hide and seek with my friends. I didn’t want to be spotted easily, so I was looking for a place to hide in. While searching for a place I came across an abandoned house. I went inside and hid in the kitchen. After some time, the door opened. I thought they were my friends, but I was mistaken, it was a group of people.

They started talking. I couldn’t catch up most of what was said, but I heard “… and soon this city will be under our control!” I had no idea what they were saying but when I saw their guns I understood that they were terrorists. I was terrified! Quickly I slipped out of the back door and told this to my friends.

I told this to my parents. They decided to go to police. After half an hour the police approached to search up the place. They found some weapons and ammunitions. They searched upstairs and found a cell phone.

They tried to track the mobile numbers but we found the sim cards in a dustbin.

I was confused, but then an officer said, “This means they have changed their sim cards.”

That night I was sleepless, thinking about the terrorists. Next morning when the newspaper arrived, my eyes fell on a headline – ‘bomb blast in Mumbai, 76 dead’. I spoke to my parents once again and this time they decided to take it to the NDA.

The police agreed too and called the NDA. They said that they will reach from Mumbai after 3 days. After 3 days I showed them the hideout and they caught a man hiding in the hideout. The NDA rounded him up and asked him where the rest of the terrorists were. He answered, “T…they are in Islamabad!”

The NDA suspected them to be Taliban. We reached Islamabad and searched everywhere, but in vain. Finally, we came across the terrorist’s hideout. We went inside and searched everywhere. Suddenly, a terrorist came out and started firing. One by one the whole group came down and started firing. Most of the NDA soldiers were killed but some survived.

We slipped out from the back door and ran as fast our legs could carry us. This time the head of NDA suggested that we call the TIA of the United States. They arrived after a week. We showed them the hideout. They went inside and fought with everybody. The terrorist group was defeated. But before we could leave, a shot man told us, “You may have killed us, but our leader Satish will not leave you.”

Many questions raced through my mind – what was the man talking about? Who was Satish? Next morning we searched for Satish everywhere, but in vain. Suddenly a car came in front of us and started firing. Many of the TIA soldiers were killed. We followed the car and reached their hideout.

We went inside and we suddenly were attacked from all sides. Many of the remaining TIA men were killed. The ones that survived had called for backup. They managed to stay safe for some time but after that, they were also killed. To me, it seemed like all hope was over.

Just then our backup arrived and killed the whole gang. We all returned to the base. Then the head of the TIA told me, “Kid, for you the world is saved from another terrorist group.”


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  • Kheya Baidya04/04/2019 at 3:25 PM

    Extremely brilliant. Love to see your creativity. Keep writing.

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