The Tale of Bravery

About Momi Begum

Momi Begum was born in March 1997 in the Kshudra Palaha village of Guwahati, Assam to truck driver Md. Monnaf Ali, and Rupreni Begum. She is studying B.A. and wishes to acquire a good job in any of the reputed organizations.

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There lived a poor family in a village where most of the people were hard-working farmers who were also honest and helpful. Sushan Mehta, who was a driver by profession, belonged to this family but, most of the time, he used to stay out of his village due to his profession. He had two daughters, Sneha Mehta and Sunita Mehta who were twins and studied in a local high school. They studied hard to score good results in the exam and also to fulfill their father’s dream. Sushan Mehta always told them to be good citizens and earn a good name.

Once, Sushan Mehta drove his truck carrying a large number of bamboos to a factory, at a distant place.  He started his journey in the morning. Usually, he returned home around 9 PM or called his wife if he would be returning home late. But that day, he neither called his wife nor did he return home on time. His wife and daughters were worried as it was something very unusual. They did not even have dinner. Finally, at around 11 PM, Sushan called his wife and informed that his truck was stuck in traffic and he would come home late.

The fact was, Sushan happened to see a passenger bus which had collapsed into a ditch and some local people were helping the passengers to come out. It was a huge accident and Sushan could hear people crying for help. He immediately ran to the spot and saw that some passengers were still trapped inside the bus. Also, it was raining and soon darkness took over. The bus kept on slipping into the ditch and mostly it had fallen upside down.  Sushan could foresee the danger and he immediately called the police. In the meanwhile, he took a rope and tied one of its ends to the bus and the other end at the back of his truck and tried to pull out the bus. Even though it did not work for the first time, he continued putting unrelenting effort to save the lives of those passengers who were trapped in the bus. Finally, one of his attempts was successful and he managed to pull the bus out of the ditch onto the main road.

Sushan saved many lives that day.  It was midnight when he returned home. The next morning, he narrated the entire incident to his wife and daughters just after having breakfast. Sometime later that day, a person from the higher authorities came to their house and presented a letter to Sushan. Sneha read it aloud. Sushan was highly praised for the wonderful work he did the night before, for showcasing bravery and doing his duty. He was invited to the Home Minister’s Chamber where he was awarded for his amazing work. Sneha and Sunita were proud of their father who would soon take them out for a holiday.


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