The Surrender

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An accountant's journey of 40 years gathering non- financial insights about people , their relationships & their environment . Learning from the experiences of the many who have travelled before and trying to create enjoyable readings from words , ideas and self-realizations .

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Recap :
Gayatri , Satori and Jamshid embark on the adventure of finding
the lost valley of Shangri-La and the “other” Mansarovar Lake
with pearl – eating swans.
At the end of the Journey ,
they find the place and learn its true secret.

None had slept that night and the night after. Immense sadness engulfed them. Gayatri’s swans cried blood tears and Jamshid’s Shangri-la was dying. The inner peace of Satori was shattered; he wept at the choice of the Shangri-La swans.
All three were called here for a purpose. Satori, the child, was the messenger sent to the shore of the lake to beckon, gather and lead the other two saviours. Now the burden was on them to act in the interest of others, without any expectations and justification. They were the recruits with a conscience, whatever that was!
The dying, helpless caretaker of Shangri-La was at peace now, seeing them here. It seemed he expected miracles from the three. Rarely, during the Earth’s life, such chosen ones assembled together at one time.
This was the moment! The final journey to revive this place. They would assume the responsibility, but who would tell the human out there what would befall on them if there were no offsetting of Shangri-La? The carbon gush is what they should see; and also the realisation of leaving the few chosen ones to bear the brunt was for them to know. These were their feelings but none thought about not shouldering the pain. The Cross was now their chosen path.
That evening, unable to see the agony of the recently inducted “swan-humans,” the three moved to the now-abandoned meditation room and deliberated on the inevitable.
“All of us have one thing in abundance. That is love, empathy and respect for others. I thought that was a common enough human quality. Satori, the carbon-halo around you is the maximum. How the physical laws of attraction have highlighted this uniqueness of feeling for others! It’s here at Shangri-La that the effect is magnified on us and we have become the chosen ones.” Sighed Gayatri.
“I never would believe such clear scenes of good crushed by evil. For now, Shangri-La is being stormed by the deluge of carbon, an intense sucking-in effect, attraction of opposites!! The SOS reaching to us through spooky laws of quantum physics. As the world would deliberate on the many hows, the cries of the swans never touches them!” Lamented the Lama.
“Everything happened to all of us. Is this abrupt destiny? We all came searching for our dreams and now realise the real purpose. The Journey itself was readying us – the signals we read but did not fathom.” Mused Jamshid.
“I’m glad it brought us together. There is no better way of departing.” Murmured Gayatri and the three embraced. Their bodies separate but minds, one.
“The few who surround us here have so much expectations. They see us as saviours. I see a very different humility in me and an inner joy of reaching life’s purpose… of giving.” The Monk, who was best suited for this role, shared his final thoughts.
“I don’t need any answers. The deep mysteries now stare at me. The mechanics of life, let it evolve. The love of Nature, I see, in our decisions and maybe, at a later date, in the sense of realisations by posterity. Every human assumes this role of sacrifice and surrender to others. That is Shangri-La.” Continued the Saint.

And over the weeks, the three engaged in the painful process of absorbing carbon pouring in from the sky. The stance, the pose, the shape of the Swan, was gradually perfected. A precision of absorbing particle-to-particle was attained and the offsetting ratio was many times magnified. They were indeed the chosen ones. The reversal process began and over the months, Shangri-La not only absorbed all the directed carbon but sent out offsetting particles to create a permanent shield of sorts.
The three were physically changed by this time and their bodies spent. The flesh and blood had given way to inorganic structure and it seemed they were covered by the ashes of a burst volcano. Their job was done. Life, as we know, had been surrendered by them.
And as humanity learnt over the millennium, what the three had done for it, Shangri-La was a call to all who understood.
And friends, the three survived. They did not dissolve. They changed form. A form which awakens to every touch of the seeker. Even today as you kneel before the three smiling, embracing swans, you can sense the eternal joy in their eyes glued to each other and their hearts bound and beating as one for all the infinite substances of the Universe.




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