The Stone Lion

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Chinmoy Saikia is a 11 years old boy who loves to read and write stories. He wants to be a child specialist and a writer when he grows up.

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There once lived a boy in a village of Kulu Manali. His name was Wasim. He was a shepherd. He had no family but, he was always kind and ready to help others. Everyone who lived in Kulu Manali loved him, except one, Wangu. Wangu was very proud, arrogant and selfish. In other words you could say that Wasim was the opposite of Wangu.

Wasim used to take his flock of sheep to another part of land as soon as one part of land was grazed. One day land he was searching for another land where his flock could graze on, while he came across a valley. He thought the fresh grass in the valley could be suitable for his flock. He sat on a small hill and rested for some time. He found a stone lion on the hill. He went and sat beside the lion, and kept a share of his food under him. He knew the birds would eat all the food but it would bring joy and happiness to his mind.

Now, Kulu was really cold during the winters so everybody was getting ready to move to the next town for a few months. It was the last week Wasim would stay in Kullu. So, he went to the lion for the last time and said, “Friend, I will go very soon. I hope you will take care of yourselfyoursemyoulf.” In reply to it, the lion said, “Friend, you have taken good care of me. I want you to come tomorrow with a basket, put your hand inside my mouth and take away whatever you find. But I warn you, you must come before sunrise.”

Wasim was amazed to find the stone lion talk but he decided to follow his instructions as he could find something useful. He slept early that night, so he could wake up early on the following day. But, in spite of all his attempts, he woke up late. He looked out of the window and saw that it was almost going to be sunrise.

He jumped out of his bed and rushed to the lion. When he reached, the lion asked, “Where were you? Where is the basket?” Wasim replied, “I forgot to bring the basket, but don’t worry, my cap will do.” When he reached for the lion’s mouth, he saw something glittering. He put his hand inside and found gold nuggets! He took as many as he could. He went back to his village and told his story to everyone. He gave everyone a gold nugget.

Wangu’s eyes were shining with greed. He wasn’t happy with that one nugget, no. He decided to stay with that lion even when everyone left. The next day, everyone from the village left except Wangu. His family had to beg of him so he accompanied them. When nothing worked, they had to leave without him.

From that day, Wangu fanned him, served him delicious food and even shooed away the birds that were trying to eat his food. He served the lion faithfully for about 2 weeks. Finally one day, the lion told the same thing that he had told to Wasim. Wangu was whistling home happily and decided that he should go early to collect more nuggets.

The next day he woke up at 2 oclock in the morning, took the largest basket he could find and a lamp. He started his journey. Because it was foggy, Wangu could not see properly even with lamp. Suddenly, he tripped on a rock and broke the lamp. He started wandering in the darkness. Till this day no one knows what happened to Wangu. The folk lore is, Wangru still wanders around looking for his path and searching for the gold. His presence is felt in every greedy person who has lost his path!


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  • Julia Watsek26/08/2017 at 11:00 PM

    I loved your story! Keep on writing!

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