The Squirrel with White Fur

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Prisha Roy is a student of Class IV. No more than 10, this little lady has an eye for stories that breath around her. Only she can sense them and word them forward for the others.

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Once upon a time, there was a squirrel named Pady. Unlike everyone, he had white fur. Why did Pady had white fur? Well, that’s the mystery.
When Pady was born, he was like all other new born squirrels. He was naughty. Once he went outside the forest, into the village. There he saw people, children and a white park, everything in white.
There was a sorcerer in that park. The sorcerer was very kind. He always used to wonder, “God has given us so many colors, why God has not made everything plain in just one color?” The sorcerer used to get troubled by the noise created by villagers. This noise made him rude, slowly over time. One day he said to himself, “These people are really troubling me. They deserve a punishment. Let me make the whole village in one color and then they would be sad. Once they are sad, they won’t make noise and I would be happy.” He changed everything there into white. Even all vegetables and fruits were white. If something was not white, he would immediately turn it white.

Suddenly the sorcerer saw little, colourful Pady running around. He got very angry and changed him to white color too. That is how he had white fur.
Pady went back to the forest, crying. He saw a big white ball rolling towards him. The tree was just beside him. When the ball was about to crush him, his mother picked him up. She could recognize him even though he was in white in color. She said, “Why are you white in color my son? What happened to you?” She was worried. Pady was also sad seeing his worried mother. He told her the whole story. After listening to the story, she got angry and locked Pady in the hole. Then, she went out with her magic wand to teach a lesson to the sorcerer. She turned the sorcerer into plain white color to give him a taste of his own food.

When the sorcerer woke up next day morning, he overheard some people and kids silently laughing. He looked into the mirror and was shocked. How bad he was looking in all white color! He realized his mistake and the importance of all colors. He was very unhappy and decided to undo his mistake.

One-day Pady’s mother locked the door as usual to keep Pady inside but forgot to lock the windows. Pady was still naughty. He had always loved to go outside, but his mother would lock him up. Happy to see the window open, he went to the village again. This time, he was a bit scared. He was worried that he shouldn’t get turned into red, blue or yellow this time. But to his amazement, people were standing in a queue and the sorcerer was changing them back to their normal colors. Pady didn’t understand anything. He also stood in a queue. He thought that people were having fun. When it was his turn, the sorcerer changed him to his normal color. Pady understood everything. He was happy to get his colors back.

When he reached home, he saw his brothers and sisters were still taking a nap and his mother was still not back from work. So, no one noticed when he went out and came back. He also took a small nap. But he didn’t know that his mother had seen him going to the village and standing in a queue. But she was happy as Pady was brown in color again and the sorcerer has changed. She forgave the sorcerer as well. In the morning, Pady got up late as usual. His mother had told his brothers and sisters everything and now he had brown fur. From there on, they lived happily ever after.


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