The Soldier

Yerram Swetha

Yerram Swetha of Yellandu city in Telangana state wants to be an entrepreneurwhile preparing for B.SC 3rd year in Sahithi Degree College. Born on 6th August 1996, mother Yerram Umadevi has pinned her hopes on her and father Yerram Kumar Swamy is seeing her daughter closer to her dreams as time is passing by. Youth like Yerram are an example of determination in the face of obstruction.

It is obvious that daughters have a deeper bond with their father’s; they are also their idols and path finders, everything that a daughter can learn from and look up to. He was very young when he used to accompany other truck drivers and soon he began driving himself, but it had not been without sacrifices. He kept sacrificing for his loved ones from then on.

My father is a soldier, one who is always fighting the demons on his path to keep going ahead in life, one who is inspiring me, guiding me, showing me how we can live a good life while fulfilling our responsibilities, mostly balancing everything. It is never easy for him, without food, sleep, good rest and family’s support to travel from one state to the other, days and nights always working his body to keep going. I wonder about his pain, his restlessness to get his work done on time irrespective of the problems.- There are too many of them, tire puncher during winter’s and tire melting during summer, truck engine overworked and damaged, loosing goods to looting, always keeping an eye on the road. He never smokes or drinks; never runs away from his responsibilities.

I wish I could take away the pain that comes with his work especially when he sees an accident on the road. Watching the dead people lying in the pool of blood, he remains traumatized for months and always avoids those routes where accidents happen often. But it’s not possible to do so every time.

Whenever he is able to come back home, he tells me the tales but I see in his eyes the fatigue of his life, the fatigue of being poor and yet, having a dream for his daughter.

Soldiers protect their countrymen from any kind of war. My dad too does the same, he tries to create that kind of awareness and his responsible behavior is an inspiration to others. He fights all his difficulties to drive properly and he has never killed or harmed anyone on the streets. Even though the roads are dangerously thin and rough, he has kept his cool all these years and managed all odd circumstances with bravery.

Life gives challenges to those who have the strength and will power to bear it, maybe my father’s strength will be the torch bearer for many as it is for me.

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