The Second Mind

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An accountant's journey of 40 years gathering non- financial insights about people , their relationships & their environment . Learning from the experiences of the many who have travelled before and trying to create enjoyable readings from words , ideas and self-realizations .

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Knowing that late night scary episodes are not good for health, Vir remained addicted, awaiting the trigger of that “other” experience. And surely, it surfaced. This time it was at early dawn. Just before awakening.

And the Second Mind begins.


“He has done no wrong”, says the mediator ; facing a group of men in a small hall and addressing the Chief .
“He comes from that part of town – Rajbha area; we all know those types.” comments one.
“Let him be, this time.” Nods the Chief in a reprimanding tone and signals the mediator to move into the smaller tea room .
The tea room is a few benches and a large open door; he sits down and calls for a cup of tea. The vibes of the room and the few occupants tells him, something is not right. So he jumps from that open door-type-window and ….. down, down, down ; the other option is, his body being thrown down.
He runs, rather flies, over the rooftops of old short buildings. A spiderman-of-sorts. He is chased by flying bottles of all shapes and sizes. Dodging those bullets, he looks for shelters and continuously moves on, till he gets refuge in a covered balcony where he regains his strength.


And Vir woke up with a jolt, at the buzz of the morning alarm for Yoga .

The First Mind took-over and reasoned it as the hangover of the scary episode. It went on with its chores establishing its conscious superiority.

The still active Second Mind debated…

“Are these bruises not real ? Look at these cuts from the glass shrapnel!”
“That’s my illusion speaking; I am the only true conscious being”, whined the First Mind.
“You are Sophie and I am Hilda. We are both alive or none are alive. There is no existence of material world beyond human mind.” The Second Mind retaliated, citing from Sophie’s World.

The philosopher (in Sophie) and the scientist (in Hilda) fought over both realities and over the idea “I think, therefore, I am” or the other way round, as Vir got ready for one more trip to the Rajbha area.


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