The Scavenger of the Deep

About Somsuddho Sengupta

Somsuddho Sengupta is an 11-year-old kid and finishing his 5th grade in June 2018. Som is multi-lingual and speaks English, German, French, and Bengali. Som lives in Switzerland and an ardent fan of football, a supporter of Barcelona and die-hard Messi fan. Som is interested in solving complex mathematical problems and puzzles. Recently he developed an interest in creative writing, an interest primarily instilled by his school. The poem here is written by him as part of his school curriculum

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Lurking in the deep
A planktons worst nightmare,
A colossal blue beast,
An underwater cow

The king,
Of underwater scavenging
Tropical and warm is its habitat
Warming its soul,
An Icy-cold breeze choosing past

Moving swiftly and horizontally,
Across the seas
Targeted while being in the Indonesian sea

As the titan,
Approaches the next opponent,
It becomes the scavenger of the deep

Blanketed by its patterns,
The colossal beast
The deep sea Panda

Devouring all planktons in its path,
It is the slug of the marine
All Planktons attempting to escape,
From the beastly predator

The king of the marine
The titan of a creature
Conquers the deep
A savage to all planktons


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