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Shilajit Majumder studies in Class-8, at Delhi Public School, Siliguri. He loves to read books and write stories, especially detective and ghost stories. He also loves to play cricket with his friends. His hobby is reading books whenever he gets time. Shilajit aims to join the Indian Air force in future.

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Those who enjoyed reading the first story of Satyaraj, for them and for others, the second section of his adventure series, The Last Breath – Part 1 and 2, comes accompanied by his elder brother Abhijit. Satyaraj and his brother travel to the great city of Hyderabad for work but on reaching there they get entwined in a mystery which needs to be solved. Will Satyaraj be able to see the end of it or will it remain unresolved for years? Or there is something else to it?

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I was a happy Indian living in Kolkata, engaged in my one and only work which is studying. It was the month of June. My school had given a very long summer vacation because it is too hot in Kolkata during these months. Soon I got to know that my elder brother, Abhijit, was coming back from his trip to USA. It was Friday when he landed in Kolkata and came to our house. I was delighted to see him after such a long time. I greeted him in and gave him a glass of water. I asked him about his trip and he promised to tell me everything in the evening.

After lunch our full family sat down around a circular table. My brother told us all about his trip; he also said that his next plan was to go to Hyderabad to research about the place called “Golconda”.

I remembered reading in history that during Mughal rule this place existed but with time it vanished. It is also said that Golconda was famous for its diamonds. Recollecting these all about Golconda and its past made me curious to know more about it. I also wanted to go with him but I didn’t know how to bring it up to my mother. I spoke to my brother about my wish and he readily agreed to it. He convinced my mother the next day. She said that I must go with my brother so that I understand the history of India better.

Whatever was she talking about history I didn’t listen. I was rather thinking that after so many I was going for a trip outside my state. So it was decided that we would leave for Hyderabad the next week, on Monday. I packed my bags almost five days ago.

Our train was at 7o’clock in the evening. We reached the station at 6:45 p.m., boarded the train and then sat on our seats. It would take the train almost three days to reach Hyderabad, which means there is no other work you can do other than sitting in the train and getting bored. Soon we reached Hyderabad on Wednesday in the morning.

Hyderabad looked amazing. We had already booked a hotel in Raj Bhavan road.  I refreshed myself with a bath of cold water and  sat down on the bed to feel the coolof air conditioner. My brother told me that we would go to the fort the next day.

Next day in the morning I woke up early and got ready. At 9o’clock we both had our breakfast. We hired an auto from the main road which dropped us in front of the fort. When we entered inside, I noticed a man coming out of the fort in speed. He was carrying a heavy bag in his hand. The next hour went in exploring the fort. We both went inside and started watching the sculptures. Golconda fort is located at Ibrahim bagh. It was built by Pratap Rudra in 16th century. At that time it was one of the most significant structures of Hyderabad. The famous Kohinoor diamond was also found in this area. As we walked through the compound and came back to the entrance,  I found  the strange man followed by a group of police officers.

I asked them what had happened. They told me he was a thief who was running away with all the precious gems which were found after digging the soil the near the fort.  I could sense a mystery in the air. Something was amiss. I felt there must be another case lurking within this and things couldn’t as simple as it was reported. Maybe I could solve or make an attempt to solve it.

I and my brother were still roaming around the fort but I had lost interest in these things. Instead I wanted to enquire about the theft.

After two days, it came on the headlines of the newspaper that the diamond thief had been arrested and all the diamonds has been found.  It was Saturday; my brother had gone to a nearby food store. I was sitting inside the room all alone. Suddenly I heard a lot of chaos outside. I peeked through the open window and saw that a car had hit a bike and the man who was driving the bike was thrown on the footpath. I came down to see it. Though the car didn’t hit the bike very hard but still the man was injured.

Next it was found that the man was one of the members of the gang which used to steal precious gems and sell them at a high rate outside. I could not bear it anymore. The mystery was calling me.

 by Shilajit Majumdar

In the evening I went to the police station of Ibrahim bagh. There I spoke to the Offier-in-charge and he agreed to allow me to investigate the case. I started gathering information about this gang and the way it functions.

The very next day I got a call from the police officer that a murder had taken place near the Golconda fort. He wanted me to be present there during the investigation. My brother was new to the conversation. When I placed the receiver back to its position he asked me, “Who was it?” I narrated the whole story and also told him that police has asked me to be present there. My brother nodded his head in agreement.

So, we both we hired a taxi and went there. When we reached the police had already closed the area. The officer on seeing me came aside and opened the barricade. He told me everything about what was going on. I asked him, “Did you question the security guards about this murder?” he said, “I asked them but they said they know nothing.

Hmmm…. It’s a difficult situation but I was sure I will prove to be useful. After sometime I personally questioned the guards and the tourists present there. None of them had seen or heard anything. I was walking around the fort to find some clue when I heard the sound of firing and a scream from the locker room of the construction site. I and my brother rushed to see what happened. In complete despair I saw a body lying on the floor and all the lockers were open. It was a theft and it was perhaps committed by the same gang. Now, it was not only theft but also murder.

This man named “Abhinav” had tried to stop the thieves but they killed him with one shot of the gun. I fumed in anger and promised to get each and every member of this gang behind the bars.

Over the next few days I was searching clues.  This gang stole precious gems and solds it to the foreign countries at a high rate. Their main centre of meeting is Kutkatpally. It was a Friday. I went to the police station in the evening. After a long discussion I came back home thinking how to go further with these clues. The next day another burglary was reported at the police station. This was about two kilograms of diamond and gold.  After this incident I broke down. I thought I will not be able to solve it. It was my brother who encouraged me and brought my enthusiasm back. I started working again; everything seemed to get mixed up.

Then suddenly I remembered, since we knew their meeting place we could easily go there and arrest them. But we had no “proper” evidence against them.  That day in the evening I got a call. I picked up the phone and said, “Hello, may I know who it is?” A deep voice came from the other side, “What will do by knowing my name? Just remember, if you disturb us, we are going to KILL YOU!”

I hung up the phone. It was call from one of the gang leaders, I guessed. I immediately told this to my brother and reported it to the police station.  Although it was a bad experience, the good news was, many of the gang members had been arrested but the gang leader was still out of our hands. And he was scared. I went to the police station, to see what more was in store. They said, “Only some of the gold and diamonds has been found, out of the total burglary.” I heard it patiently then I asked, “Where is the leader?”  They said, “We are unable to find him but we will find him soon, we are trying to track his phone”.

I got busy with the proceedings. I requested my brother Abhijit to keep an account post this. His diary read :

It was Monday; we got a call from the police officer stating that they have tracked the leader’s phone and they want us to join them. After five or ten minutes a jeep came and stopped in front of our hotel. We both occupied the back seat. Here I must mention that it was an open jeep. The police officer told us that he was hiding at a place near Ibrahim Bagh with some of his friends. We all went there to arrest him because we had enough proof against him now.

I was thinking that this case will be solved now and my brother will get another award for his bravery or intelligence. But there is a saying, “you never know what happens when”. We reached there and started searching for the culprit. After searching for a long time we reached a small hut. It was near the Golconda fort. We all came down from the jeep and started walking forward. The police officers took out their guns and targeted it towards the hut. Slowly and steadily we walked towards it.

Suddenly, bullet fired from the opposition just whizzed past my ear.  Everyone scattered in all directions. The police officers hid behind rocks and trees while we both climbed on to the jeep. The sounds of firing could be heard everywhere. But then came darkness. A bullet fired from the opposition went through my brother’s head. I panicked. I had no clue what to do. The firing stopped eventually. The police marched ahead and caught hold of the leader who was trying to escape. Seeing the plight of my brother they called for an ambulance. When we reached the hospital he was already dead!

I was heart-broken. The whole earth had come crushing down. Though my brother got an award for his bravery but he was not present to receive it himself. I informed my mother with all my power and she started crying hearing that her little son will never come back. I cannot write more on that unimaginable incident. All the members were hanged later. I returned back to Kolkata with a heavy heart thinking that I will never be able to see him.


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