#StoryOfTheMonth January 2017 by Raj Mitra

In a world dominated by smartphones and algorithmic ‘matchmaking’, the constant need to rank high on the pecking order for being desirable is pushing us toward the edge. Pankaj Dubey’s ‘The Right Swipe” transports us with élan to that world where fidelity and courtships are a relic of the past and then gives a rude jolt about the consequences of the supposedly inconsequential, leaving us wondering about the perils of the hookup culture and a social-media driven peer pressure of relinquishing promiscuity. The walk of shame no longer makes sense. Our existence doesn’t need to be validated by the presence of someone else.

#StoryOfTheMonth January 2017 by Vani Kaushal

‘The Right Swipe‘ by Pankaj Dubey is all about making ‘choices’ in life.  Suparna has been looking to hook up with a guy ever since she broke up with Raghav, but she hasn’t been successful so far. She could either choose to be happy the way she is and enjoy her own company over everything else, or go around feeling beaten, lonely, distraught and miserable. What will she choose and why? Will she find her happiness in the end? I enjoyed reading ‘The Right Swipe’ especially as it introduced me to the world of Tinder, something that I am not quite familiar with. A few gags thrown in here and there, and references to personalities from popular culture like Rihanna and David Guetta made the narrative contemporary. All in all, I liked the story and would highly recommend the author to convert it into a full length novel. Bravo!