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Mala Kumari

Born on 14th June 1996, Mala Kumari hails from village Poorvi Roja in Chhapra district of Bihar. She is currently an under-graduate student pursuing Zoology honours from PVCM College, Chhapra.  Born to truck driver Shri Tarakeshwar Singh and Srimati Gita Devi, Mala keeps education as her highest priority. She intends to a self-dependent and successful person.

My father is an experienced driver who has shared many of his on road experiences with me. He has been driving for the past 27 years. He has faced many issues and endured a lot of troubles in his driving career. He has spoken many times about road safety. There are lots of road reforms that have taken place lately that has made driving relatively easier than what it was before. There are new and smooth roads. Still there are many areas where there is no safety and the drivers don’t feel secure when driving. Poor and dirty roads, pot holes, fear of robbers. These factors might lead to accidents and we keep on praying that nothing untoward should happen to our father.

Father wants the government to take the road safety factor seriously so that no driver has to face poor roads and there are no chances of accidents. My father has been punished many times for no fault of his and imprisoned also. But every time he is proven innocent due to his skills and experience. Father strives not to commit any mistakes while driving.

From father’s experience we have learn not to do anything without thinking, else there can be irreparable mistakes.

Good education makes us open minded. When education level is higher and the children do well, it strengthens the society. Educated children are socially responsible citizens.

If I have to address road safety in the future I will definitely do it. I will take care of all major and minor issues, linking villages to city roads, so that the villagers don’t find it difficult to commute. If the road safety is good, there will be no hassles in transport. Every small and large vehicle can travel without any problems. There will be no fear of accidents or thieves and robbers, or rains, when there is road safety.

Every driver should go home on time and spend time and festivals with his family. The faces of his family should be happy and never sad. I have waited for my father almost in all the festivals and seen the worrisome faces of all members of family. Everyone has the same question. “Why has he not come? When will he come? Some work might have come up. Has he faced robbers and thieves on the way?” The questions are plenty…

My father has had many life threatening incidents while driving. His money was stolen. Luckily he combated these incidents every time. Perhaps it is due to his good actions that he comes out of difficult situation every time. It is very difficult to drive alone in desolate areas and on poor roads. Staying at one place for hours, being stuck on the seat due to traffic and to wait for it to end are really difficult situations that my father has to face on every day basis.

I have always waited for him, and will do so. At times he comes for festivals and at times he doesn’t. When he doesn’t inform us the only voice in my mind is “Father when will you come home?”

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