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Akshay Peddiwar is pursuing a course in Journalism. He is busy nowadays in creating the space between a journalist and a writer. Oftenly a night crawler and a caffeine lover likes to keep his stories a bit swaggy rather than keeping it simple! Because simple things are not that trendy he feels.

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My mom and dad were finally happy for their girl. And why shouldn’t they be? I had managed to pass with a distinction, in my 10th-grade examination.

“Now you can study wherever you want, beta,” my dad said.

Being in a small town, we always lacked good quality colleges around. So it was a kind of trend to get out from the native place to and complete the education and fulfil our dreams. With some clothes packed in my bags and big hopes locked in the heart, I was sent to my Grandma’s city for my higher secondary education. This was the first time that I was staying away from home. So it was not so easy for me. But I really did manage pretty courageously. When I stepped out of home though, hardly did I realize that in the days to come, what I learn from books would be outdone by things that life had in store for me.

One of the reasons for emerging as a mentally strong person was the incident which changed my life, my perceptions and all my belief forever.  I was all of seventeen.

Since I am a girl from a small town, I felt a bit nervous to extend the hand of friendship with everyone. I rather maintained my reserve. Breaking out of my introvert though, I managed to interact with a few of them. I also was received well by many good friends there, who were helpful and empathetic in any kind of situation. And there was this one guy who turned out to be my best friend in just about ten months. Everything seemed perfect as things progressed smoothly.

He spoke nicely, he was pampering and patient. One fine day, he proposed. This put me into a fix. I liked him; but I was answerable to some unaccomplished tasks. The tasks with which I had come to the city. The tasks that would lead me to fulfil my parent’s dreams. I had to focus on my studies and couldn’t afford to divert. I refused his proposal.

One day, in an early winter morning, after the class ended, he came up to me with furious steps. His demeanour was anything but friendly. He was suddenly rough, and intimidating.. I stepped back suddenly. Hardly did I get the time to understand what was happening. He yelled at me as the rest of the college watched the drama unfolding. After all, his ego had got hurt because of the rejection. He held my hand and pressed it tightly against his cruel palms. He threw my scooter’s keys on the road. He kept abusing me using the dirtiest of languages, in front of our world.

He poured on me all the filth that he could, and left only after I was bathed in his venom. Humiliated, I was left alone to deal with all that had just happened. The college had moved on with the new fodder for gossips. Bruised and violated, I felt a strange rejection which was far more inhuman that my simple “no” to his proposal. I realized it was not my soul or not even me, that he wanted. In the moment of anger, he had poured out his mind. It was just my body made up of 206 bones and some flesh which he wanted to taste! And in the fit to insult me back, and insult me enough, he used the most terrible references from my body to let me know this savage truth.

My life didn’t stop at him. But his words, I can still hear – fresh and prominent in my mind.


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