The Point of Fear

About Aishani Biswas

Aishani Biswas is a 15 years old student, from Siliguri, West Bengal. She is studying in Class 10 in G D Goenka public school.

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The amber sunlight fell on Oliver’s pale face as he rested his feet upon a mossy rock. He looked around to see a breath-taking view before him. The setting sun reflected its colour on the blue sky, making it appear like a canvas of an artist. A smile formed on Oliver’s face. With the babbling birds and the huge mountainous trees before him, he didn’t feel alone. Instead, he felt exuberant of the fact that he was going to conquer the world.

Oliver experienced a new enthusiasm as he strolled towards the leaf-strewn path laid before him. Wild flowers and mushrooms grew everywhere. A damp smell followed him but Oliver took no notice of it. A cool breeze blew, making the straw coloured fallen leaves to rustle and Oliver to shiver a little. But he couldn’t stop. The peak invited him. Suddenly, a bird hooted Shirley causing Oliver to jump in surprise and fall over the murky road. Disgusted, Oliver got up to find his left shoe missing. Indignantly, he looked out for his shoe and finally found it stuck between a bush. As he picked it up, a yellowish paper caught his attention. Feeling quite curious, Oliver picked it up to find a parchment. It was mostly blank, but some faded words could be seen. Unfortunately enough, Oliver couldn’t decipher anything that was written on it. The words seemed to be quite unreadable. The familiar cold breeze blew, almost taking the paper with it, but Oliver caught it on time.

The black-grey clouds thundered and tiny drops began to fall on Oliver’s little nose. He looked up. The sky looked different now. It was no more bright, but beautiful in its own way. Oliver hurried to search for a shade. He found one, though it was quite narrow. Now big drops began to fall. It had started to rain. Oliver felt restless to go out, but didn’t have any choice. He had to accept it and wait for it to stop. As he put his hands in his pocket, a paper seemed to crumble inside it. It was the worn out parchment. The damp smell lingered around it. He tried to read it, but just like before, he couldn’t. Too tired to solve a petty paper- mystery, he struck a match to light a cigar. Amazingly, letters on the paper started becoming visible. Oliver could read the words now. The parchment illuminated. As he went through the parchment, nothing but doubt crossed his head. He couldn’t place the words into reality. Instead, they made him shiver.

The grass underneath his feet made a crunching noise as he walked towards the end of the mysterious road. Finally, he reached the finish line of the jungle. Huge, monstrous rocks settled themselves as one on top of the other. Oliver had to climb them. He felt queasy. Thousands of butterflies went wild in his stomach. All he needed was courage and a strong rope, perhaps.

Sweat tricked down Oliver’s face as he staggered upon an edgy rock. He had almost reached it. A little more. Unsteadily, he lurched upwards and found himself hanging upon the cliff. There was one chance. One chance to live or to perish. Oliver held himself back and kept a strong grip on the rock’s surface. A tiny move. Immense pain paralyzed his body now. Oliver couldn’t stand it anymore. But he had to. He had chosen to live. He felt his rope going loose slightly. In the next few minutes, he would be falling, falling forever.

But, no, he won’t be. A swift movement changed his life. He was there, there on top of the world. The view down was nothing compared to this. It was stunning. The ground and the world was beneath him. Ascending Mount Meru in Africa wasn’t easy and Oliver could fulfil his unfinished dreams. He took a deep and relaxing breath.

The sky looked magnificent. It illuminated a red plumage. The Sun was setting now. The feeling was beyond his description.

Crash! Something fell down, heavy. It was Oliver’s dreams. He looked up, awestruck. It was a thunder with an eye-blinding lightning. He looked down. The paper was in his hand. He stared at it. The words meant something to him now. They ran, ‘The best view comes after the hardest climb.’ Oliver smiled at himself, not knowing how to describe his feeling. He looked outside. It had stopped raining.


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  • Bishakha Moitra22/07/2019 at 12:15 PM

    The beginning of the story is lovely and interesting. The ending is quite nice too. However, I was a little lost and confused midway in the story.

  • Nidhi Jangid22/07/2019 at 8:17 PM

    Completely thrilling story and realistic narration! Enjoyed reading it!

  • Aishani Biswas23/07/2019 at 7:46 AM

    Thanks a ton for your inputs.
    Somdeb Biswas (Aishani’s father)

  • NANDANA DASGUPTA23/09/2019 at 10:34 PM

    Such a sweet & realistic narration Aishani dear! Keep on writing such great stories looking forward to read them. Lots of best wishes for your future ventures.

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