The Playground from Childhood

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I played in the playground of my childhood,

In my compound of land.

Behind the shelter of the logs of wood,

I crafted my own castle of sand.

The jealous wind tried to blow it away

But I embraced it close to me.

As the wind subsided, triumphantly I ran back to play.

From my see-saw, a tragic sight I could see.

My sandcastle was tumbling down.

I could not become a worthy soldier,

But I surely knew that I would have lost interest in the crown

When I would have been a day older.

The sun went home so it was time for me to do the same.

I bounced my way back without any sorrow.

For a new game of hide and seek, the sun would join me tomorrow.

I dreamt this dream through the eyes of a child I once knew.

He once again taught me to celebrate every approaching day.

With chapters of time I thought I had grown up too,

But life has its own way.


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