#StoryOfTheMonth August 2016 by Sonika Bakshi

When I read Sudipta Bhawmik’s play ” Nude in Magenta”, for a moment I felt like I was sitting at a theatre and watching it live. The manner in which Sudipta crafted the characters in the play, I could visualize their faces, the tone of their complexion, the clothes they wore and even could hear them converse. I could imagine Rajiv as a suave gentleman wearing a cream colour corduroy jacket over his trouser, small but inquisitive eyes and lips carrying a casual smile. On the contrary, Jane came across as  a lean and fair complexioned woman, wearing a blue skirt and a white semi formal shirt. I could visualize her as a calm and composed lady, with a soft voice and an artistic mind. I could literally see both Rajiv and Jane walking around the art gallery and read their body language too. While Jane walked around with folded arms looking intently at each piece of art in admiration,  I could visualize Rajiv hopping from one painting to the other with disinterest and very little understanding of art.

No story is good enough if the author fails to transport his readers into the story and in this play, Sudipta literally sets up the whole play in front of your eyes. Also, he impeccably paints several layers in the plot and keeps the reader hooked on to the play in anticipation. I wish I could use the word “viewer’ for a “reader” since I am certain that each one of us who read the play simultaneously viewed it in our minds.

When I read the title of the play, I was immediately intrigued since I knew about Saumik and his work as a playwright. I was certain that a multi-layered story with interesting twists awaited me and I wasn’t wrong at all.

The twist the play takes somewhere in the middle is mind blowing. Each dialogue between the characters (Rajiv and Jane) leads to more mystery that remains unsolved till the end but leaves you thinking or may be craving to read it again to find an answer to the mystery woven around a painting and two individuals.

Go read this story for the love of theatre, suspense drama and surprises life throws at us.