The Nobleman’s Seduction

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Rhea sighed as she plonked on the bed. It had been a long journey. But once they checked into the hotel, both Raj and she agreed that it was worth the long drive. Also the rumour about the hotel being haunted added to the excitement of their vacation. The hotel was famous for the ghost of a nobleman who, they said, had been seduced to his death in this very hotel. Now, as his revenge, he seduced random ladies.

“I’ll just take a shower.” Raj said, as he closed the bathroom door behind him.

Rhea stretched herself. Soon she was dozing. After some time she felt Raj’s hand on her back, massaging her. It felt good. “Hmmm nice”, she murmured. Slowly the hand slid lower caressing the spots she knew only Raj was aware of. Wide awake now and flushed, Rhea was looking forward to what was to follow.

“Rhea, please bring me a towel.” Raj hollered from the bathroom.

Startled, Rhea spun around to see who it was beside her. The bed was empty but the sheets were rumpled. Strangely, instead of feeling afraid, Rhea found herself to be tingling with anticipation. She smiled to herself. It was going to be an interesting vacation.

The nobleman’s seduction had begun!

  • : Banker and amateur writer.

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