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Born in July 1996 to truck driver, Mr. P. Muthusamy and Mrs. M. Maheswari, M. Keerthana hails from Ariyaur district, Tamil Nadu. She is pursuing her Computer Course (MDCA) from MIT Computer Education and wants to pursue MBA after the completion of her course.

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Getting up very early in the morning, sitting at the door steps of their house, Malar and Sakthi kept staring at the long winding road in front.

“Why father has not returned yet?” asked Sakthi

“To day is Deepavali day, celebrations are on in every home. Everyone is preparing to wear new dresses, and fire crackers; fathers are busy teaching their children how to enjoy a cracker safely. Why our father has not returned?” Malar asked her mom.

The young lady looked at the siblings with despair in her eyes, but she managed to bring some spark in her voice.

“Only two days back your father had gone to Kerala with a load. I am told that the lorry has not been unloaded yet. Probably they will unload it tomorrow, and he will be back day after tomorrow. You both go and change into new dresses and pull out the crackers I bought for you. I will prepare some snacks for you” replied their mom.

In another half an hour, both the children wearing the new dress were bursting some crackers. Suddenly a splinter from an exploding cracker hit Sakthi and injured him.

The mother took Sakthi to the hospital. She decided to inform his father only on his return since she did not want to unnecessarily bother him. At that time however, the father had called home and Malar who attended the call told him the entire incident. He was very upset that he couldn’t be with his son to wipe his tears when he was in pain.

After unloading was completed, he rushed back to his home town. He tried his best to maintain composure and drove carefully. On the way he saw a lorry that had met  an accident and the driver was injured.  He helped him with first aid and they both started together.

The lorry was taken away by the policemen.  They informed the lorry owner about the accident and he had sent a lawyer to retrieve the vehicle. They retrieved the vehicle and handed over to the owner and then went home.

He met his son Sakthi after two days. When he came back home, Sakthi was sleeping. The father gently stroked him with affection and love. He happily spent the days with his family till the next trip took him away.


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