The New Beginning

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Avisweta De is a student of class 8 at Delhi Public School, Siliguri. She loves to read detective novels, specially the series of Feluda and Sherlock Holmes. Her favourite writers are Ruskin Bond, R. K. Narayan, Satyajit Ray and so on. She wants to be known as a good human being who is working hard to build a successful future.

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It was the month of December, severe cold had set in as did the season for joyful Christmas.

Most of them in the orphanage were busy decorating their rooms with Christmas trees, balls and stars. Some slept wrapping a blanket around them.
Suddenly a voice called, “Rohan, Rohan, where are you?”

He didn’t get any answer. The landlord of the orphanage had ordered a maid to find Rohan and ask him to come for lunch. The maid searched far and wide but it was a wild goose chase. As she ran around the corridors, she heard someone weeping. It was Rohan sitting on a bench in the garden. He was crying thinking of his parents. She sat down beside him.

“Rohan, stop crying. It’s time for your lunch. Sir is calling you for a long time.”

“Oh! Please don’t force me to eat, I am not feeling well.” Rohan said.

The maid turned a deaf ear. “Whatever you like you do, I don’t care. But go and meet sir as he is worried for you.”

Rohan had gone ape. “Okay and now please leave me alone.” He started weeping again. He was down in the dumps. The maid left the boy alone and went back to the landlord. The landlord walked into the garden.

“Hey! Rohan, cheer up! Don’t be so sad all the time. You look a bit under the weather. You must think of yourself. I know that you have lost your parents but in this orphanage none of the children have their parents, don’t you know that? They are leading their normal life , why are you always in an off mood? Be normal and forget about the past. Just mark my words, it will be good for you.”

“Okay sir, I am coming for lunch.” Rohan said with a heavy heart. Rohan had a face like a wet weekend.

After having lunch all the children went to bed to sleep but Rohan was standing beside the window watching the wide blue sky with a variety of birds flying. He was lost in trance thinking of his parents. He had his head in the clouds. In the nick of time, one of the teachers in the orphanage shouted at him. “Rohan, what are you doing here? Just go and have forty winks. Don’t waste your time here.” She closed the window . He went to the bed but he was still thinking how his mother cared for him.

Days passed; it was almost the last week of December. The children were not only waiting for Christmas but also for Santa Claus. Santa Claus is such an imaginary character for whom the children waited from the first day of the year till the midnight of 24th December. They all knew that Santa would come on that night on his reindeer and give all the children surprise gifts in their socks. But Rohan was neither waiting for Santa Claus nor for the gifts; rather he was thinking whether his parents would come today and give him a surprise. He had a delusion that his parents will come one day. But unfortunately, in reality it was impossible. Five months ago his parents had died in a road accident. For a seven year old boy, it was difficult to forget that incident so soon. He thought he was the lonesome waif in this big world.

It was that midnight of 24th December when all the children kept socks beside their beds and went to sleep.

Vijay, another child in the orphanage, said to Rohan, “Hey! Rohan, keep your socks beside your bed then Santa will give you a surprise gift.”

“I am not interested in all those things, please stop disturbing me.” Rohan said gloomily.

Next morning everyone was excited to open the gift packs and to see what they had got as a surprise. All the children were happy with full of enthusiasm and jollity.

Vijay asked Rohan again, “Rohan, what did you get in your socks?” “Nothing! I don’t want any gifts…….I just want my mom and dad.” Rohan replied.

Vijay went ballistic. “What did you think of yourself? We too have lost our parents, we also feel sad for that. But time and tide waits for none. Time just flies. Therefore as the time passes we must try to recover ourselves and step forward for your future life. Every night I feel that my mom is sleeping beside me, I feel my father’s hug, I feel the kiss that my mom gave me before going to the school and every day I see my parents in the stars at night. I know that they are always with me, they will save me, guide me, help me and love me forever. So, Rohan just lead a normal life; your parents are always with you.” Saying these words both the eyes of Vijay and Rohan were full of tears. They hugged each other tightly and bursts into tears.

In the evening the Children cut the cake and prayed to Jesus. They all celebrated Christmas happily but Rohan was still sitting at the corner of the room and praying to Jesus for his parents.

One day when Rohan was having his breakfast, he saw a woman through the window , coming towards his orphanage. He thought that she was his mom. He ran in a jiffy to the reception and hugged the lady.

“Mom, where were you these days? Why did you leave me alone in this big world? From now onwards I will hold your hands tightly and I will not let you go anywhere else.” Rohan cried. He didn’t see the face of that woman but when he looked up at her face, he found that she was not his mom. He was shocked and rushed back towards his room, leaving the lady behind dumbstruck.

The landlord stepped forward. “Madam, please don’t feel awkward. That little boy has lost his parents few months back. He is hopeful that his parents will come back one day. Therefore, he might think you as his mother. Please forgive him. I apologize on behalf of him.”
The lady replied in a sweet voice, “No, no it’s okay! I can understand his feelings. And believe me, even I felt for a minute that he was my lost child.

The landlord of the orphanage asked, “Madam, how can I help you out?”

Suddenly a gentleman entered the orphanage. “Hello,” he said, “I am Suresh and that’s my wife Disha,” pointing out towards the lady. “We have lost our one and only lovely son last few months back. We are now lonely in our big manor. So we would like to get back our lost child from this orphanage.”

The landlord answered, “Sure, sir.”

“You know, one of the boy of this orphanage just like our son and I think his age is also same as our son.” The lady said to her husband.

“Oh! Really?” Suresh replied. “Then we will get back our son who died of cancer. Please call that boy, I want to see him.” He had tears in his eyes. The landlord called loudly, his voice beaming with excitement, “Rohan, Rohan! Come here once, someone has come to meet with you.”

Rohan came to the reception. “What happened, sir?”

The landlord pointed towards Suresh and Disha. “See there. They want to spend some time with you. Is it fine?”

Rohan looked at them. “Okay sir!” He uttered softly. “This woman smells like my mother!”

Suresh walked near Rohan and kissed him. “My dear Rohan, we know that your parents had passed away, but never think that you are alone in this world because we will always be there for you.”

There was silence all around. Rohan was looking at Suresh and Disha. He then suddenly hugged Suresh, smiled and said, “I am thankful to both of you to give me such a remarkable moment.”

Both suresh and disha were on cloud nine. Rohan, who was friendly to no one, began to spend time with Suresh and Disha. They got used to each other as every day the couple would come to the orphanage to meet Rohan. Rohan alluded them as his mom and dad. Soon he was getting back his normal life and became friendly with the other children of the orphanage. He even used to look at the stars and would tell his mom and dad, how his day went? It almost became a part of his routine.

One morning, Suresh and Disha told the landlord that they wanted to adopt Rohan legally as their own child. They mentioned that they had taken this decision on the first day when they met Rohan, but were waiting for Rohan to be friendly with them. Now that Rohan was feeling comfortable and free with them, they decided to reveal their decision.

The landlord called Rohan. “My dear boy, you got your new parents.” He pointed at Suresh and Disha. “They wanted to adopt you. Are you not happy?”

“I am really happy.” Rohan quipped. “It will be one of the memorable days of my life. I may not get back my past life, but I know that my new mom and dad will always guide me to step forward and choose the right path in my future. I am sure I will get back my lost parents in them.” He was smiling, but tears flew down from his eyes. Those were the tears of happiness.

It was the day of New Year, 1st January, when Suresh and Disha adopted Rohan. Rohan soon started his new journey of life on the day of New Year.
Everyone may have enjoyed New Year very happily and cheerfully, but it was Rohan who got the real happiness of his life on that special day. It was a different New Year for Rohan. On that day, he had a New Beginning of his Life.


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