The Muse And The Museum

About Sana Malhotra

20 years old Sana Malhotra is currently studying at the New York Film Academy to grasp all the knowledge of film and its world, away from her world in Mumbai. She aspires to be a renowned writer and director in the near future. She is taking baby steps now, so that she is able and capable to take the leap in the industry, when her time arrives.

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The smell of wood, old paint, and unidentified objects made her little happy feet, slow down her jumps to little dragging steps and grasp her father’s hand tighter than before. While on the other hand, the smell of wood, old paint and familiar objects, made those old feet run faster than ever.

Two different eyes, two different bodies, but similar gene’s made them reach a similar pace. And, they walked into the museum with hope to be inspired, and hope to restore inspiration.

The father questioned his daughter; “Do you like any painting here, baby?”

The daughter was quiet, she dragged a few steps ahead and answered; “So many different colors, I cant choose what I like most”

The father smiled at her daughter, and dragged his feet to reach close to hers, and grabbed her little hand, in his.

The duo walked ahead. The little girl, still hopping, ignored all the historical and cultural moments she had no idea about.

The father stood in front of a scenic painting, when his daughter came running and dragged his hand to go in the opposite direction.

“Slow down, little one”

“No no, move faster daddy, I found the one I like most. Can we go home after I show you which one it is? Please, please, pleaaasee”

The father giggles; “Yes, we can! Where is this painting of your’s?”

“Here it is” She stretches her hand as far as she can to the painting she chose.

The father in astonishment, looks at the painting and then her.

“Why did you choose this painting instead of the other colorful ones?

The girl, goes closer to the painting and stands right In front of it, mimicking the lady from the painting she chose and then said;

“ Because this was the only painting that smiled back at me”

The father left astounded by the words of a four year old, picked his daughter up and hugged her, tight. Tight enough to leave no space for any generation gap.

This painting the little girl chose was “The Mona Lisa” by the Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci.


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