The Mountain & The Sea

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Sinjini is an Actuary by profession, and a web columnist cum story writer, blogger cum painter, and a fierce debater cum orator-elocutionist by passion. She has mostly been into writing fictions, poems, observations and abstract pieces on Nature, etc as well as on Social Needs, Gender issues, Parenting and other Social Causes and Changes. Writing Short Stories has so far been her favourite genre. She writes mostly in English but occasionally also in Bengali.

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His structure is what you’d call tall and wide. His presence, however, is always calm. He always seems to have it in him to protect you from all blasts the rest of the world could ever conjure. He can, alone, brave them all and still stand tall, albeit a little wounded. But then, he would never show you his wounds. He would unfailingly smile at you each morning, cover you up as if that’s all he is born to do, and pamper you silly through the day, every day.

He is quiet; but nervous, never. And when he speaks, he speaks like a decision maker. With a tone of finality that normally overrides any opinions others have to offer. His smile however, contrary to his heavy structure and bold personality otherwise, has a bliss of innocence. Of course not to say, he smiles his best when the first rays of Sun touch his temple every morning.
If you are to name him, you would name him The Mountain.

She is enigmatic. She is eccentric. She is the kind who simply doesn’t let you be. She provokes you. She teases you. She fascinates you with her charm, she engulfs with her relentless zeal. She does not hide her love, or her fury. She will coax you to immerse yourself into her, most unashamedly and seductively. And then, just as you think you have captured her, she will turn away. She will leave you behind, mercilessly, unabashed. She can cook up a storm anytime, and then, right afterwards, she can drench you with passion. She beckons; she disowns the very next moment. Of course, as you can very well guess by now, she is more of a nocturnal person.
If we are to call her some name, we would call her The Sea.

No, they never met. They have only shared their stories with each other… through the seasons, through the clouds and streams… And then, they’ve only longed for each other!

Love stories are not meant to be perfect, you see!


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