The Monk Who Stole My Heart

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A radio in age of iPods
A bookstore competing with Kindle
A Beatles song out of place in a club

Krishnakali has a keen appetite for reading books, painting abstract pictures and also singing. She had started writing unexpectedly and within seconds it became her better half.

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Eyes like lotus’s petal
With smile as subtle as it could be
Why so far away, O thee ?

Ignite the fire of love in me
Whose witnesser will be the moon, amazedly

I will hallucinate you in the labyrinth of love
And hide you in entwined mysteries
Reach out your hands in the eternity
And I’ll be present in the sand of time

Dear Beau;
I harboured these secrets with a sigh
And like this another night passes by
I’ll have to bid you goodbye

O ! My
Sleeping Buddha


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