#StoryOfTheMonth May 2019 by Vani Kaushal

The missing doll is pithy and charming. The author writes with authority and verve, allowing us a wonderful peek inside the mind of an eight year old. What would a child do if he had a fear of studies, for instance? Well, maybe, he would find something that soothes his frayed nerves, right? And what if that “thing” happened to be a toy that belonged to his baby sister? I would strongly recommend TMYS readers to read little Aarav’s story. I am confident that he has a lot many stories hidden inside him just waiting to be written.

#StoryOfTheMonth May 2019 by Raj K. Mitra

‘Mia’s True Dream’ has all the ingredients of a fairytale, yet Prisha brings a fresh narrative that makes us curious about the existence of a dream world that’s inhabited by ‘scientist’ fairies. In the end, her fairies depart albeit with a graceful grip, keeping it loose enough to leave the reader hankering for their return in a supposed never-ending story.